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September 22, 2010

Ear Candy: Music Soothes All

As I sit here in an uncomfortable state, wracked by the unbearable pain and discomfort only a monthly haunt can inflict and nary a stiff drink to help dull the pain (Midol be damned), suddenly the throbbing pressure starts to subside as I listen to every track off of soul singer and songwriter Eric Roberson's latest offering, Music Fan First.  
In an attempt to remedy my non-stop humming of his incredibly melodic and haunting single "Still," I decided enough was enough and ordered the CD... and I haven't regretted the decision yet. Make no mistake about it, Eric has been around for quite awhile, collaborating with several (Neo)Soul notables such as, Jill Scott, Lalah Hathaway, and Musiq [Soulchild]. Seventeen tracks full, Music Fan First is the intersection where the jazz and soul music of yore meets the contemporary, up-tempo (yet intelligent), hip-hop inflected beats of today's worthwhile R&B (please defer to the likes of Dwele, Raheem DeVaughn, Aloe Blacc et al  of the like)
(c)Coffee Rhetoric
Copping this jawn was looong overdue, as it's definitely an easy and pleasurable listen all the way through, complete with collaborations that work. In addition to Still, other notable tracks are The Hunger, The Power That Kisses Hold, & the jazz heavy How Could She Do It. Eric Roberson is a breath of fresh air blowing in, out, and around what passes for Soul music ... always and forever. 
If I recommend a CD or musical artist that has incited me to chorus, that means it moves mountains... which further means I'd like to think my word is born. Get into it (provided you haven't already), because I know where your live, sleep, and eat ...

April 27, 2010

These and Those

So it appears that the Torment of Tantalus has worked its trickery on me again; 'tis all good though. My world is still level and my resolve is intact... and somewhat stronger than ever. In a phrase, I'm none too worse for wear and still stumbling, trying to find my footing. That's all one can do. 
In the interim, more than ever, I'm finding that personalities are as fickle and unpredictable as seasons and that mediocrity and basic people reign supreme in this cult-of-personality, as they accomplish their come-up from the bottom of the swamp as well as the best catches in the sea, who seem hypnotized by the foolishness of dysfunction. The forecast in my stratosphere range from sunny dispositions to broody, stagnant air. My stopgap is a heavy dose of preoccupation, sprinkled with good old-fashioned aloofness. I tried to find willing and interesting sponsorship/ads for this humble little blog, to no avail. No takers. Perhaps it's for the best. I like being the little engine that could. Just me and my thoughts, spilled out sans irritating, flashing banners. What was I thinking anyway? Back to the weather-- People, men (especially), women... they come and go. As I fumble toward some semblance of ecstasy, I'm humbled to re-realize who and what really matters and how much (more) I value certain people and things. 
Dating doesn't factor into my foresight so much, anymore... because I'm oh, so driven. My legs are pumping and sore from the effort of trying to complete this marathon run; so any and others... this includes rejects who've resurfaced from underneath their moist rocks for Spring, those who whisper sweet nothings (because essentially that's all it amounts to)... can kick rocks. I got my stoic groove back, creativity is flourishing, and I'm nibbling away- (with more frequency... like an famished city rat, who has hit pay dirt with its meal) at writing projects I neglected while in the throes of my frustration and anguish. 
I'll even admit out loud that I attempted to apply for a writing grant a few months ago... and got overwhelmed and intimidated by the whole process and gave up. I'm regretful, but not ashamed. My mind wandered towards more pressing matters...and my passion was stifled.
Regardless of what hasn't happened (yet) , I've got my second wind. I'm still flailing and am not down for the count. Watch out for these blind right-hooks. They are unbridled in their efforts and I take no responsibility for whose jaw might get cracked.

October 31, 2007

Keeping a List

This past week coupled with this present week has been rather interesting, to say the least. For 3 consecutive days in a row, I've slept under a full moon... literally hovering o'er my head, just outside my window, In all its resplendent glory. I don't know if my moon has anything to do with the strange haps, but I'm convinced that I'm the only one who proceeds through life as if I'm an unwilling cast member in some Twilight Zone episode. Let's explore this short (but indelible) diary of occurrences. Shall we? Oh let's!
Saturday, 5:15PM:
As I was walking from the bus stop in front of Bushnell Park, en route to my apartment building a couple of blocks away, a shuttle driver pulls over and implores me to hop on for a free ride. I told him I was only mere inches away from my building, but he insisted. He said he wanted to "kidnap" me, so I rode the loop downtown with him. During the course of the ride, he suggested that I take some of the brochures from off the dash to read about the latest and greatest the city was offering. I obliged him, fully aware of his motivation. I stood up quickly, snatched some literature up, and sat down just as quickly. Seconds later, Driver would remark, "I just wanted you to stand up, so I can look," to which I remarked dryly, "I know. I figured I'd humor you, and let you get a quick peek. " Embarrassed and surprised by my response, he chuckled and said nothing more.
Monday, mid-Afternoon:
The Fire Marshall is scheduled to come test the museum's fire alarm system. It's difficult for him to focus on the matter at hand, because he finds my scent alluring. So alluring in fact, that he keeps sidling next to me and sniffing me. Deep inhalations of breath. While the few who notice, stand by, looking flummoxed by his behavior. He suggests that I work behind a cage, because men such as himself, are likely to pounce on me for smelling so good. I shrug indifferently. And manage a tight smile... or was it a grimace? His task complete, the Fire Marshall heads out and on his way. But not before walking over to where I'm working for one last, hearty sniiiiiiiiifffffff.
Wednesday, 9:15 AM, This Hallow's Eve:
As I'm standing at the bus stop, a white man (attractive and rather sane looking) around my age walks by me, towards the Holiday Inn Express... on his cell phone. Not finding what or who he seems to be looking for, he heads back in the opposite direction from whence he came but not before stopping and telling me how much he likes my shoes. In fact, the conversation went as follows ...
  • Perv: Hi, I really like your shoes. They're so hot.
  • Me (hiding behind large, dark shades): Thanks
  • Perv: They're smokin' Hot. They're so sexy. Listen, I'm sorta into shoes. Well... I have a bit of a shoe fetish.
  • Me: Do you, now?
  • Perv: Yes. Um, actually, can I take a picture of your shoes. They look so hot.
  • Me: No.
  • Perv: Please? I really like them. They look so hot on you. I would love to take a picture of them.
  • Me (considering an asking price): Umm. No.
  • Perv: Okay. Sorry to bother you. Have a great day. Bye!
Until this morning, I honestly didn't think my existence and interaction with the male populace could get any stranger. ...

February 01, 2007

Full Moon/Speechless

As I stare up and out of the window, from behind my laptop's monitor, I see that the three celestial bodies are indeed, aligned. There is a perfect full moon this evening. It's rumored (based on folklore and superstition, not fact) that full moons tend to be the cause of eccentric behavior and strange situations. Perhaps it was the moon, luminscent and voluptuous this evening, that rendered a man speechless when he upon seeing me. I ran an errand today after work and had about fifteen minutes to kill afterward, before my scheduled bus was slated to arrive, so I decided to browse about the stores at a nearby shopping plaza. As I stood in one spot, poring over an item or two, an attractive and pleasantly accented black man, wearing a Fedex uniform approached me. War face on... I scowled slightly at him for interrupting my thoughts. In a low voice he said,
"Excuse me, I walked by and saw you and I just had to say hi."
"Oh" I replied, slightly annoyed... "Hi" and I went back to my browsing. He walked off, and then backtracked.
"I'm so sorry to bother you, but the way you look... oh my god. Do you have someone waiting for you in the car?"
"Why?" I asked suspiciously. "I'm was so scared" he replied. "I don't want to upset anybody. But I had to come back and say hi." Interested in a brief exchange I decided to answer, "No."
"Are you seeing anybody?"
It took me a split second before I decided to lie. "Yes, I am" I said regretfully, so as not to make him feel bad. "Oh my. Tell him I said good luck!" he said... breathless... and walked off to pay for his purchases... but then he backtracked again. "Where are you from?" he asked. "Here" I said, matter-of-factly. "You look Kenyan" he remarked. "The way you look. Ohmygod." Now I was amused... as I don't think I've ever rendered any men speechless with my mere presence. I felt like I was re-enacting a scene from the movie, Coming to America. "Where are you from?" I asked. "Uganda" he answered. "I am imagining myself out of my uniform, dressed nicely... with you on my arm, showing you off. I'm so sorry, but. Oh my. I need to go." At this point, I couldn't help smiling from ear to ear. "Can I wait for you outside" he began... "so I can talk to you?" "I'm sorry" I said politely. "I don't have any time." Which was actually the truth. "Oh my" he said, breathless, yet again. "I can only date one person at once." I told him... taking my lie to yet, the next level. "Ohhhh nooo. He said. You can do more than one." then he remarked... "Ohhh, I should go. Oh my!" I looked to my immediate right and saw a young couple smirking at the exchange. I would have probably given this man the time of day, but my gut... my "third eye" led me to believe that this man was NOT single. I've decided to always go with my initial gut instinct, as I've gotten into sticky situations due to my ignoring it. My gut was gurgling big time... so I didn't expound on the exchange and let it taper off. Besides. I don't relish the thought of getting cut by an angry Ugandan wife, but I feel compelled to admit, this was a tremendous boost to my ego and femininity.