Ear Candy: Music Soothes All

As I sit here in an uncomfortable state, wracked by the unbearable pain and discomfort only a monthly haunt can inflict and nary a stiff drink to help dull the pain (Midol be damned), suddenly the throbbing pressure starts to subside as I listen to every track off of soul singer and songwriter Eric Roberson's latest offering, Music Fan First.  
In an attempt to remedy my non-stop humming of his incredibly melodic and haunting single "Still," I decided enough was enough and ordered the CD... and I haven't regretted the decision yet. Make no mistake about it, Eric has been around for quite awhile, collaborating with several (Neo)Soul notables such as, Jill Scott, Lalah Hathaway, and Musiq [Soulchild]. Seventeen tracks full, Music Fan First is the intersection where the jazz and soul music of yore meets the contemporary, up-tempo (yet intelligent), hip-hop inflected beats of today's worthwhile R&B (please defer to the likes of Dwele, Raheem DeVaughn, Aloe Blacc et al  of the like)
(c)Coffee Rhetoric
Copping this jawn was looong overdue, as it's definitely an easy and pleasurable listen all the way through, complete with collaborations that work. In addition to Still, other notable tracks are The Hunger, The Power That Kisses Hold, & the jazz heavy How Could She Do It. Eric Roberson is a breath of fresh air blowing in, out, and around what passes for Soul music ... always and forever. 
If I recommend a CD or musical artist that has incited me to chorus, that means it moves mountains... which further means I'd like to think my word is born. Get into it (provided you haven't already), because I know where your live, sleep, and eat ...

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bgrant said...

Everyone you have mentioned, I absolutely adore!! What gets me is when you mention Erro (Eric Roberson) or Dwele etc., it seems as though ppl do not know who they are. It saddens me. So I am beyond happy that someone out there knows who they are and appreciates the music they make. Its sad but the only cd of Erro's im missing is Esoteric-I ordered everything in one day lol. He's awesome.