I am a writer and commentariat, so will occasionally consider paid opportunities to pen think pieces for other platforms. I'm also very adept as a social media coordinator and in marketing, so if you'd like to discuss hiring me for social media consulting and marketing (I've worked with local politicians, theater, small media platforms, and nonprofits), or simply have questions about something I've written here on this blog, contact me here. I do not and will not perform free intellectual or creative labor. 

This is a personal blog that I utilize for my own creative catharsis. When sharing information from Coffee Rhetoric, do not reproduce entire posts to your own platform or publication without permission or offering to compensate me; and especially don't do it without providing proper attribution. With prior written permission, no more than one paragraph may be copied in the instance of brief quotations or a short excerpt (again, with proper attribution) and certain other non-commercial uses.

I no longer keep a blogging schedule and update when I'm inspired to or have time.