Take A Look At My Life, See What I See

Still pavement pounding for the most basic of basic jobs, while networking and trying to catapult my own creative endeavors. Hard work. That level of commitment requires therapy, so I indulged in a little.
 In the meantime, I've been called a "beautiful, sophisticated, milk chocolate..." something or other, and compared to the likes of Jessye Norman. Not bad. Definitely far from "could be worse" status. Yet I got no takers or didn't generate enough interest in my quest for blog sponsorship, but alas, the night is still young and I am ambitious enough to stay hopeful. I recovered from my ass whooping, for now. And gained my second breath... so my resolve has been restored!
In the meantime, I shall continue partaking in therapy, mulling, pondering, hoping, cursing, so forth and so on... The night? It's still young. 


  1. Being in a similar situation, I find my quest is to use as much time as possible. Until I'm actually broke it's all the free time that bothers me. I never thought that would be the case when I was at work and wanting to go home.

  2. @Amadeo-- I hear you. I think the concept being at work and wanting to go home, is that you've *earned* the right to feel that way. If that makes sense. When you're faced with too much free time, it feels a little daunting and somewhat nerve-wracking even.

  3. I think the best way to get a job is do as the Mexicans move to another country learn there language. There are always road blocks in america so fuck em.