Fifteen Additional Minutes

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I got interviewed by Fox 61 News reporter Rick Hancock. Well, the segment is upon the web and I was conflicted about posting the link, because quite simply I'm a narcissist and my own worst critic. I always find something to pick apart and criticize, especially when it comes to pictures and such. In any event, you all (interested parties) probably have some semblance of an idea about how I feel about how I look and sound on camera. *ahem* I will admit that it is not as bad as I initially thought It'd be. I don't think I sound special like I feared. I do sound like I'm from Orange County or some such place, however. Not cool. Anyway, there's no hiding. The segment and podcast are up on the Fox 61 News site for the masses to see and therefore easily Googleable for anyone nosy enough to go through the trouble... so no amount of dragging my feet will keep my short interview from being seen. You all see my big mug plastered on here all the time, not to mention I promised I would link it. I'm a man of my word, so let me save your Google hand the trouble and offer up the goods. The podcast can also be found on the same site


Anonymous said...

YOU LOOKED AND SOUNDED AMAZING!!! Congrats, m'lady! hahahahahaha

I think you did a smashing job and your fans will be quite pleased to see you in all of your splendor.

;) Cat

Unknown said...

represent represent
i guess i am voyeuristic... lol

you did well homie

TiffJ said...

@Cat: Thanks a lot. You know how much I loathe being on film... whether it be on tv or in still life. I always tend to look extra bloated. And bigger. So Thanks. "Titillating" and "Great??" yuck. LOL. I was a bit nervous as I've never been on tv before.

@Bro Omi: Thanks a lot pal, even though you said my head looked big. LOL. I swear it's not that big. The camera man thought it necessary to zoom in for a super tight shot. lol.
Anyway a big head equals tons o' knowledge. ;-p

BeautyinBaltimore said...

Looking good Coffee. You better watch out before the Nigerian men chase after you. YOu have a gaped tooth smile like me, in Nigeria we call that an agee(sp). The men go crazy over that space.

I knew you were very well put togeather and a bon von vant(sp) and that video just proved it. Remember me when you hit the big time.

am voyeuristic and nosey as hell too. I used to read so many books now its more blogs than anything.

TiffJ said...

@BeautyinB'more: Thanks! My gap is my favorite attribute. I think that gaps give character (so long as your teeth are straight) and dudes seem to (surprisingly) dig it.
I wore my uniform of all black, thinking I'd look a little less bloated. Fat chance. No pun intended. LOL. I always look so effing bloated in pics... apparently that translates to film as well. But bon vivant?? Love that. Thank you. What a compliment!
I know I'm nosy and enjoy minding other people's business to the best of my ability. Reading other people's blogs is yet another way to do that.

Brunhilda said...

I loved your explanation of why you blog. It's very true for me as well. That was cool to see you in the flesh. You did not look bloated - you looked hot! You're just being supercritical of yourself. Loved the touch of red with the scarf, and I am supper jealous of the afro puff.

Bloody Whore said...


LOVE YOUR HAIR!! I can't never do that 'cause it falls flat, damn white mother!! LOL LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

Loved the video, C. You looked and sounded amazing. Insightful. No bloat. I think we've all evolved to the next stage of voyeurism, especially when so many people are willing to let one watch.

Daya, LOL.

comebacknikki said...

Well, aren't you just too cool? :)