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November 10, 2014

Comedy Fail: Artie Lange, Rape & Misogynoir as Cheap Humor

Here we are again...

As the world turns, it continues to be open season on black women’s person-hood and the racially charged or sexist invective comes from all directions, to the tune of crickets, save for the droves of other black women (and a smattering of allies) denouncing the abuse. This time the offender is another shitty male comic who opted for the lazy use of shock humor in the form of rape, slavery and racio-misogyny, for cheap guffaws and fist bumps.

August 07, 2013

Your #TwitterSilence Will Not Protect You

Goldie Taylor, Cyber Threats, and Silence

Internet flaming—or trolling—has been a … thing for as long as the World Wide Web has been in existence. In fact trolls and the internet go together like Chipotle and explosive diarrhea. And lest you're a person susceptible to bubble guts, sometimes it's best not to feed that kind of hunger. As technology and social media trends evolve, cyber thugs tend to kick things up a notch on the sociopathy scale with their harassing behavior; much of it is easy to disregard and some of it is cause for alarm. And more often than not people of color and women (especially) tend to be at the receiving end of the vilest of vile comments and threats. 

Recently, journalist and cable news pundit Goldie Taylor was the latest person to come under attack, at the receiving end of some pretty nasty threats from a prolifically racist Twitter troll who called himself ‘Americanist’, and whose handle was @BreakObama. This person launched an all-out virtual assault on Taylor (and other noted media and social media personalities), tweeting her personal contact information for public consumption, assailing her with nasty racial epithets, and menacingly telling her to watch her back. I mean, you could practically see the fumes of hate blistering from his every word: “@goldietayler, I know where you work. Better watch over your shoulder. But you won’t know before it happens.”  

June 21, 2013

Paula's Best Dishes: Southern Fried Racism

Unless you live under a moist rock or just don’t have any excess time to stay abreast of viral news, Paula Deen has come under fire… again. And this time the type of flame that’s been ignited is ferocious enough to take out an entire forest. In the event you’re reading this and still happen to be perplexed, a simple Google search of her name will get you up-to-speed.

Anyway, as expected, America’s purveyor of butter, lasagna sandwiches, and deep-fried fare had a N*gger-gate moment and has incited the media and various social networking platforms to chorus: courtesy of an explosive deposition—(following a $1.2 million lawsuit filed against her last year by a former employee, for stressful work conditions fraught with errant sexual harassment and racism)­— in which Deen basically admits that she and her p.o.s. brother, Bubba Hiers, are racists, and that she allowed sexist, inappropriate, and racially charged language and behavior in her place of business. 

May 02, 2013

'Black Twitter' Takes on #BlackPrivilege

Written for and orig. published on Intersection of Madness and Reality

When racism rears its ugly head on social media, leave it to ‘Black Twitter’ to clap-back and upend rhetoric meant to denigrate black folks, and turn it into a clever and teachable moment steeped in the type of sardonic satire meant to make perpetrators of said racial insensitivity, feel stupid for having ever tried.

Last week, the #BlackPrivilege hash-tag gained momentum on Twitter, reportedly created as a response to the discovery of a (neglected?) tumblr blog and, perhaps, just being plain tired of having to ward off cries of "reverse-racism" whenever black people speak out loud about the lived experiences and daily microaggressions many of us have to navigate . “This Is Black Privilege” ... an anonymous tumblr blog comprised of a jumble of murky, awkwardly written non-facts that seem as if they were culled from the library stacks of Ignoramus University.

October 11, 2012

Stacey Dash's Romney Endorsement: Genuine Awareness or Trolling?

Stacey Dash is an actress who has been in the business for quite some time but who, quite frankly, isn’t registering on many people’s radar these days, when one considers the value and influence of celebrities in this current cult of personality.  The media hasn’t really reported anything noteworthy about her since she was unceremoniously fired from the cast of the VH1 series “Single Ladies" for reported difficult on-set behavior and before being ousted, yet again, from the cast of the film “Supremacy” for similar reasons.  And those of us who’ve caught on to how some celebrities go about garnering press for themselves- particularly when their star has faded- have come to realize that clamoring about this highly charged election year has become a popular way for some to elicit attention… good, bad, and ugly… because as the adage goes, ‘any publicity is good publicity’.