Stacey Dash's Romney Endorsement: Genuine Awareness or Trolling?

Stacey Dash is an actress who has been in the business for quite some time but who, quite frankly, isn’t registering on many people’s radar these days, when one considers the value and influence of celebrities in this current cult of personality.  The media hasn’t really reported anything noteworthy about her since she was unceremoniously fired from the cast of the VH1 series “Single Ladies" for reported difficult on-set behavior and before being ousted, yet again, from the cast of the film “Supremacy” for similar reasons.  And those of us who’ve caught on to how some celebrities go about garnering press for themselves- particularly when their star has faded- have come to realize that clamoring about this highly charged election year has become a popular way for some to elicit attention… good, bad, and ugly… because as the adage goes, ‘any publicity is good publicity’. 

Rapper Nicki Minaj recently caused a stir after she coyly rapped a Pro-Romney/Pro-Republican verse on a mix-tape, Clint Eastwood addressed his dissatisfaction  with our current administration to an empty chair that comically become known as  “Invisible Obama” - leaving viewers flummoxed- during a speech at the RNC, and of course Chicago-born rapper Lupe Fiasco turned up the volume on his political stance right before the release of his fourth album. So amid the dervish of media attention popular celebs have stirred up when they’ve spoken out (or tweeted) about politics, it didn’t seem all that unlikely for a less prolific celebrity to take a similar approach and openly express her political alliance … and so onward Stacey Dash went this past Sunday tweeting, “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future,” making sure to attach a ‘twit pic’ of herself wearing a tight red tank-top, standing in front of an American flag with the words ‘Dash America’ emblazoned across the photo. The backlash from some of her followers was immediate and it was palpable, her somewhat clumsy sounding tweet quickly spreading across the Twittersphere.  People did not take kindly to the 46-year old “Clueless” actress’s endorsement, and many called her names and questioned her intelligence…

“You're an unemployed black woman endorsing . You're voting against yourself thrice. You poor beautiful idiot."  Read one tweet, which made the rounds with over 500 re-tweets. 

Undaunted, the actress managed to get herself booked on Piers Morgan’s show this past Tuesday evening, where she defended her endorsement and further expounded on why she plans on voting for Romney; stating that she was displeased with the state of the country and how she wants the next four years to be different--  “I believe him. I watched him, the Governor and his wife, on 'Meet The Press,’. They spoke to me, they seemed authentic and genuine.” She said. 

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