This past week I've been home from work, coughing up my last lung... grimacing at what's been coming up out of my throat, blowing my nose, taking any drugs and cough sizzurp (yes I said sizzurp) I can get my hands on, whining and cursing my illness for I haven't been this sick, in a long time. ... I feel a lot better and felt inspired enough to compose a witty blog post. But, I just realized that today is April 12, and I haven't done my damn taxes yet. ... Shit. Maybe I should get on that like, now before The Man shakes me down hardcore.


  1. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Get better soon, m'dear! I too have been sick, on and off, for the last 2 months. And I'm with you on the sinus thing, I have it too.

    Misery loves company! Come by for coffee soon I'd love to sit and chat with ya :)

  2. Anonymous10:12 AM


    Next time:

    Juice of 1 lemon
    1 tablespoon real maple syrup or molasses
    dash of paprika
    8 ounces water

    I only just saw your Xmas greeting at my MySpace site last week! I'm pathetic!

  3. Glad you are back Coffee and don't play with Uncle Sam. I hope you get a very large refund.

  4. did mine online
    worked out great
    feel better soon
    and consider hospitalization if things get too rough

  5. Coffey Cake!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    OMG, I hear ya...I've been sick too and FINALLY feel way better now. Glad to see you stopped by the other day. MISS YA!!!

    And the IRS SUCKS! LOL LOL