No Love

Amidst all the chaos, the trials and tribs, my fall and subsequent rise. In the crux of my moving, job hunting, cursing my bad luck, finally starting and now settling into a new job, apartment hunting, contemplation, absorption, ups and downs... In the midst of this egomaniacal reverie... I haven't, not once, entertained the thought of dating, men, signiffy others, sex or lack thereof, or the joys of digital manipulation, even. It has been awhile since I've lamented over my solitary confinement. I haven't thought about ghosts from my pasts at all. They've all become nameless, insubstantial phantoms. I don't wonder what they're doing, I don't care where they are. I don't remember how they look, smell, how much they got on my nerves. What they did to make me sigh with resignation. No dating... away with the online dating profiles, peer to peer contact, considering dating prospects, making eye contact and averting my gaze right before something clicks... all of these things have become my current reality. Because I haven't thought about it until this second, none of it has really mattered or made me feel any self-loathing and self-pity. Oh, I've become quite used to my aloof and cold nature and have settled into my chilly exterior (my interior is quite warm). I honestly don't know what to make of it really. I'm neither pleased with myself or unhappy about how self contained and focused I am. Once things have quieted down, only time will tell what the dating future will conjure up. What creatures will come slithering out from under their moist rock, which normal, sane, handsome gentlemen will take me off guard in spite of myself or what embarrassing yet salacious fodder I'll feed to the masses (or perhaps keep to myself). ... Only time will tell. I am ready for another adventure abroad... this much I know is true.


  1. Neverfear . . . there's always the bus stop. ;)

  2. you were probably too busy to worry about the brothers. no sweat. i am sure we will be hearing some mess soon

  3. just wanted to delurk for a minute to say hey
    I like your style

  4. My first visit to your village. I like your flow and I'm confident that you will find a brother worthy of you when time is right. In meantime, just keep doing what you do...

    peace, Villager

  5. @Brunhilda: Oh, no fear here! This is actually a post of PRAISE. Um, but the bus stop usually generates some slimy creatures.

    @Bro Omi: Dude, you ain't never lie. There is some mess that has already cropped up I haven't even logged on here. Crazy transcends the seasons.

    @gc: Welcome and thanks for delurking! Glad to have you commenting.

    @villager: Thanks a lot, and welcome! I definitely enjoyed visiting your blog, and will return.

  6. I know you have no fear, my dear. That was tounge in cheek. I miss you bus stop tales.