Good "Bad" Hair Day

I'm having a particularly good "afro puff" day this afternoon (must be the new hair bands I bought a couple of weeks ago), so I figured I'd commemorate it with a scene from one of my FAVORITE movies. This film, School Daze written and directed by Spike Lee, and this scene in particular serves as an excellent illustration of Colorism which occurs most often in African-American communities (refer to rap and R&B music videos as one contemporary example), Latin-American communities, and especially abroad in countries such as Nigeria, Brazil, India, the Caribbean, and in Spanish speaking countries. Black sororities and fraternities at historically black colleges were once notorious for this form of inter-discrimination.
**Read: Don't Play in the Sun authored by Marita Golden.**
P.S. Don't call anybody a jiggaboo, unless you want to get dough-blowed in the neck.
Have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the joys of a happy 'fro day! Good and bad hair...I HATE the whole bloody concept!!! Having a good hair day or a bad hair day...sure, this is fair, but to judge someone on hair texture is foolish. I hate when people touch my hair and tell me how "good" it is because it's curly. IT IS HAIR!!! I mean, mind you, some people do have truly beautiful hair, but it should be a reflection on that person's character! If I want to have an afro it's because I want one...not to make a political statement or some such drama. I use my voice to do that...I don't need my hair to control my life. It should be the crowning jewel to my look, not proof of how Black I am.

- Cat