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April 19, 2013

Taking the FREE out of Freelance

I've wanted to write this post for a while. I didn't know quite how to go about broaching it, and anyone who follows me on my personal Facebook account or Twitter, knows that I've made my feelings clear about how freelancers—writers, artists, musicians, or  whichever other discipline—are treated by those seeking their services.
Since I’m navigating life as a struggling writer, I’m only offering the perspective of one.  

Despite what you've seen on Sex and The City, life as a freelance writer isn't replete with luxury shoe shopping, cosmopolitan cocktails (hate those, but there is copious red wine swilling though), or afternoons spent typing away in a spacious NYC apartment, clothed in boho chic designer duds. I'm sad to report that Carrie Bradshaw has led some of you hopefuls astray

Unless a writer pens the type of controversial work that guarantees site hits and causes popular digital (or print) magazine editors to produce créme de la leche in their undies, and (thanks to a trust fund) has the luxury of writing about fumbling through a well orchestrated hot-mess life of privilege, sex, drugs, narcissism, rock & roll, and manages to reap the rewards of a lucrative book deal advance from a well-known publisher, it’s not easy.