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July 14, 2011

Au Naturale...

Anyone who reads this blog, knows my affinity towards Black hair being in its natural state - (without ever throwing shade to anyone who chooses to relax, straighten or weave their tresses. Makes no never mind to me how someone choose to wear their hair, but I realize women in my community are still very sensitive when it comes to hair... regardless of how it's worn, and feel the need to be combative and defend their choices ) - In keeping with expressing my love and appreciation for natural hair and hairstyles...  wanted to share this video of lyricist, Sa-Roc's visit to It's A Natural Thang Salon in Atlanta, GA, as she gets her locs maintained and styled into an awesome, futuristic-type 'do.
I'd also like to share this video of a UK Natural's visit to a natural hair care spa in Milton Keynes, UK called Mahogany, as she gets a fancy, cornrowed hairstyle. And yes these sorts of videos have the capacity to hold my attention for at least an hour or two... It's how I spend my Sundays. (Don't Judge!)

March 01, 2008

Children of The Corn

... by night, they plot our demise in a corn field. However, by day they refuse to cooperate, take naps, they make a huge mess, purposely dump their crisps and snacks all over the floor and grind them into the carpet, and now they refuse to party. I don't know if I trust children who scoff at birthday cakes, party hats, goody bags, and all around fun. This is the future. What do the disdainful and defiant looks mean for the rest of us? Only time will tell.