Au Naturale...

Anyone who reads this blog, knows my affinity towards Black hair being in its natural state - (without ever throwing shade to anyone who chooses to relax, straighten or weave their tresses. Makes no never mind to me how someone choose to wear their hair, but I realize women in my community are still very sensitive when it comes to hair... regardless of how it's worn, and feel the need to be combative and defend their choices ) - In keeping with expressing my love and appreciation for natural hair and hairstyles...  wanted to share this video of lyricist, Sa-Roc's visit to It's A Natural Thang Salon in Atlanta, GA, as she gets her locs maintained and styled into an awesome, futuristic-type 'do.
I'd also like to share this video of a UK Natural's visit to a natural hair care spa in Milton Keynes, UK called Mahogany, as she gets a fancy, cornrowed hairstyle. And yes these sorts of videos have the capacity to hold my attention for at least an hour or two... It's how I spend my Sundays. (Don't Judge!)

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