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July 30, 2012

Ear-bug: Martina Topley-Bird

Triumph. I continue to mull over certain people, places, and things (expunging the last remnants of any and all toxic energy from memory) and "Too Tough to Die" continues to play in my head [since Saturday, in fact]. So I am passing it  forth. I've always loved the electric energy of this song...

July 07, 2009

Time: Day one of Week 2

Monday evening jazz in the park with friends. That's as miserable as it gets, as far as my new unemployed status goes. Although this week I was supposed to be more vigilant with the job hunting task while focusing on my writing endeavors. Well, this is sort of a writing endeavor, non? Granted not a PAID one, or one where I was commissioned to write... oh well. Anyhoo, I may make another appearance for jazz in the park next Monday. Who knows. It'd be a welcome break.

June 30, 2009

Time: First Day

The Art of preparing breakfast, then about 2 hours of "networking."
... Then lunch break with a friend: Salmon Burger, small chicken tortilla soup, fries (I was hungry, brought the soup home anyway) and this stuff... Now more "networking"

June 26, 2009

Let Me Be Great

Just me, experimenting with more Microsoft Movie magick. Feeling these creative spurts once again... and hope to eventually work my way up to mini documentaries. Job may be changing. I would love to get back into some sort of creative environment. In any event, please enjoy. This is me and my adult self, in a nutshell.

March 27, 2009

I Wish EVERYDAY Was a Spa Day!

... Rhassoul. I love this stuff. Washing my hair is a 10-step process, always and forever because I want to make sure it's baby soft. I was exhausted, but didn't fall asleep with conditioner and a towel resting on my head. I mixed Rhassoul clay with cholesterol conditioner and applied. I left it on for 30 minutes so it'd harden a little... loves it. I followed up (as always) by saturating my natural hair with melted coconut oil. Then rinsed again. Love how soft it makes my hair feel. The fatigue was worth it!

I use Rhassoul on my face and body to suck out the toxins as well.

Detoxifying and exfoliating always makes me feel so much better! A mud that cleanses... imagine that. Something about bathing... scrubbing away layers of dead skin, and oiling up after the fact soothes my soul. It's almost like I'm sloughing away layers of stress and baggage, and reveling in brand new skin. It's akin to how a snake must feel after shedding its skin. I've always been intrigued by primitive, or exotic rather, beauty rituals... whether they be hammams, hair removal, moisturizing with scented oils, etc. Pampering the skin excites me. Yes... this is how I spend much of my free time... reveling in self-absorbency. Bathing, exfoliating, oiling, mosturzing, plucking, shaving, tweezing... etc. etc. etc. ...

February 14, 2009

Hi Mom, I lied.

A few days ago, I acquired some lovely, gently worn and practically like new pieces (free of charge) from an equally as lovely older woman by the name of Johnnie-Mae, who is having her floors re-done and was looking to get rid of pieces of furniture. I graciously made my way to Johnnie-Mae's cute house (up not far from my mother's) with the help of a selfless friend, her just as selfless friend, his truck, his sons, and my older sister.
Johnnie-Mae, a hospitable host and owner of great stuff offered me ginger-ale and pizza topped with sun-dried tomatoes. She also sent me home with two beautiful wood dressers with drawers, and barely used futon with trundle, unused and still in their packages bedding- complete with pillows, and a vintage still in great condition lamp. I excitedly called my mother and told her about my booty. Pleased, she commented, "Are you going to plaster this all over the internet too?" I feigned "What do you mean?" and answered "No, in any event..." and continued on. Sue me, I lied. I'm excited about my acquisitions and feel compelled to share. I had other, tentative plans for my spare room. I put the futon, shorter dresser with drawers, and vintage lamp in there. I also plan on dressing the windows with the matching curtains. I'm getting a French, provincial vibe from this unplanned decor, and am liking it. I think I'll continue to work with it. The blues are comforting. My room? Splashes of reds... I'm thinking French boudoir meets Morocco inspired. Next to black, red is my favorite color. It's passionate, yet soothing and I always try to find ways to implement it. Next week, I (hopefully) will've added a king sized bed and sofa to my apartment's furnishings, as well as a Studio 54 shower curtain I saw, on clearance at Urban Outfitters. When it comes to home makeovers and topics of the like, I glaze over and get into a zone. I'm completely enmeshed in that space and time until I'm completely satisfied. Ideas start swirling around in my head and I'm constantly re-arranging as needed. My last apartment was once described as feeling like, "An opium den." Mission accomplished. I'm hoping to elicit other interesting feedback from visitors, once I am completely settled.
Godspeed to moi.
On a totally unrelated note, I covet this handmade, felted "Grey Bird" scarf I found on Etsy, designed by vaivanat

January 31, 2009

In Progress

While I'm as settled as one can be with minimal resources, I'm enjoying my new apartment. The building is quiet, I rarely see my neighbors (good thing), I have a whole area of basement hallway to myself and the walls are extremely thick- (I can blast my music to my heart's desire).
One advantage to being on the same floor as the laundry and mail facilities is that I can pretty much sneak out of my apartment looking as beat and bunk as I'd like (I did run into a neighbor checking also checking her mail yesterday evening, however. Fortunately I was on my way BACK to my dwelling, smiled quickly and hurried along). There is still a lot to acquire (whether I have to eventually purchase decorative items or someone finds it in their heart to donate them to me... this economy does suck you know). I'm sure I'll start to accumulate said items eventually. Furnishings are sparse, but I still feel as if I've made a cozy home nonetheless (albeit it a cold one!), I still engage in the things I enjoy doing at home best, particularly lazing about and watching foreign films. My bedroom still needs work... anyone have a beautiful and gently worn bedroom set they want to GIVE me?... but I enjoy it. The queen-sized inflatable bed is starting to wear thin on me, but it suffices for now. The other bedroom has no furnishings and I'm still trying to decide how I'd like to use it.

Weekend Wishes

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July 26, 2008

Waiting with bated breath...

In the meantime, I'm decompressing this weekend. I've had enough of being out in the hot weather. Decompression = ample thinking, reading, music, (and wine) time. Here's hoping that things work out as planned.
Have a great weekend.

December 03, 2007


This afternoon around lunch hour, I stomped down the street. The weather was frigid and rather grey and wet. There were slushy patches of harmless ice in strategic spots, on the asphalt. As I walked, I came upon a cluster of people standing in the middle of the sidewalk, spectating. Getting ever so closer, I saw a huge hawk in the crowd's midst... perched on top of a pigeon's carcass. Feasting and watching the crowd warily. As if warning them not to get too close. Not due to any hallucinogens or illegal substances, I've been known (in the company of me, myself, and I) to hallucinate or think I've seen something, that turned out to be a figment of my sick and twisted imagination. So I continued on with my gait... thinking lunch hour traffic had simply stalled for some ridiculous reason. Closer, I discovered the hawk was indeed, very real. At once mesmerized and intimidated, I made sure to do a wiiiiide semi-circle around the bird, as I didn't want to get too close. The people oohed and ahhed. "Enjoy the rest of your lunch!" One man shouted at the bird, as he left the crowd of spectators. One woman in a beat looking fur coat lit a cigarette and sneered, "Ugh. That's disgusting." I felt like reminding her that the food chain worked in mysterious, natural, and necessary ways, and that the spectacle was no more disgusting than her dingy fur coat and the heavy, dark bags under her eyes. But instead I just shot her an annoying look. Finally tiring of being the center of attention and having its lunch break disturbed, the bird spread it's massive wings, flew through the crowd (which seemed like the equivalent of flipping a figurative bird), and then up and away, causing the onlookers to gasp, duck for cover, and then part like the Red Sea. I wanted to pull out my cell phone and snap a picture of the anomaly, but was too chicken-dookey to get that close and risk being attacked by the large, winged creature. So I stood a ways from the crowd, and looked on from a distance. Anyway, I snapped a pic of myself instead and stole image of the bird from the internets.

December 01, 2007

Please Standby

I'm packing and getting ready to make a move... Restructuring and getting back on track is an overwhelming feat. Packing however, sucks more than anything that has ever sucked. I got rid of some shoes and still have too many pairs to contend with, so for the time being, they're all strewn in the middle of my floor. I've just been stepping over them. Which is a pain in the middle of the night when trying to feel my way in the dark, to the bathroom. Hopefully the very near future will bring welcome changes, a bigger apartment, and new opportunities, which I'll tackle with gusto! In the meantime, I've been killing myself packing and pondering what comes with, what's beat and needs to be trashed, and what goes into storage. I've also been looking into getting a post office box... which would make accepting gifts (hint-hint) a lot easier from kind readers. In any event, perhaps if I stop taking Bacaradi rum breaks, I could accomplish this feat quicker. Anyway, also enjoy this cool picture I took while riding down the street in West Hartford, CT. New England is a beaut, during the fall.

September 03, 2007

July 21, 2007


... Mine starts, officially, in about four hours. And was, technically, Thursday.