Hi Mom, I lied.

A few days ago, I acquired some lovely, gently worn and practically like new pieces (free of charge) from an equally as lovely older woman by the name of Johnnie-Mae, who is having her floors re-done and was looking to get rid of pieces of furniture. I graciously made my way to Johnnie-Mae's cute house (up not far from my mother's) with the help of a selfless friend, her just as selfless friend, his truck, his sons, and my older sister.
Johnnie-Mae, a hospitable host and owner of great stuff offered me ginger-ale and pizza topped with sun-dried tomatoes. She also sent me home with two beautiful wood dressers with drawers, and barely used futon with trundle, unused and still in their packages bedding- complete with pillows, and a vintage still in great condition lamp. I excitedly called my mother and told her about my booty. Pleased, she commented, "Are you going to plaster this all over the internet too?" I feigned "What do you mean?" and answered "No, in any event..." and continued on. Sue me, I lied. I'm excited about my acquisitions and feel compelled to share. I had other, tentative plans for my spare room. I put the futon, shorter dresser with drawers, and vintage lamp in there. I also plan on dressing the windows with the matching curtains. I'm getting a French, provincial vibe from this unplanned decor, and am liking it. I think I'll continue to work with it. The blues are comforting. My room? Splashes of reds... I'm thinking French boudoir meets Morocco inspired. Next to black, red is my favorite color. It's passionate, yet soothing and I always try to find ways to implement it. Next week, I (hopefully) will've added a king sized bed and sofa to my apartment's furnishings, as well as a Studio 54 shower curtain I saw, on clearance at Urban Outfitters. When it comes to home makeovers and topics of the like, I glaze over and get into a zone. I'm completely enmeshed in that space and time until I'm completely satisfied. Ideas start swirling around in my head and I'm constantly re-arranging as needed. My last apartment was once described as feeling like, "An opium den." Mission accomplished. I'm hoping to elicit other interesting feedback from visitors, once I am completely settled.
Godspeed to moi.
On a totally unrelated note, I covet this handmade, felted "Grey Bird" scarf I found on Etsy, designed by vaivanat

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