In Progress

While I'm as settled as one can be with minimal resources, I'm enjoying my new apartment. The building is quiet, I rarely see my neighbors (good thing), I have a whole area of basement hallway to myself and the walls are extremely thick- (I can blast my music to my heart's desire).
One advantage to being on the same floor as the laundry and mail facilities is that I can pretty much sneak out of my apartment looking as beat and bunk as I'd like (I did run into a neighbor checking also checking her mail yesterday evening, however. Fortunately I was on my way BACK to my dwelling, smiled quickly and hurried along). There is still a lot to acquire (whether I have to eventually purchase decorative items or someone finds it in their heart to donate them to me... this economy does suck you know). I'm sure I'll start to accumulate said items eventually. Furnishings are sparse, but I still feel as if I've made a cozy home nonetheless (albeit it a cold one!), I still engage in the things I enjoy doing at home best, particularly lazing about and watching foreign films. My bedroom still needs work... anyone have a beautiful and gently worn bedroom set they want to GIVE me?... but I enjoy it. The queen-sized inflatable bed is starting to wear thin on me, but it suffices for now. The other bedroom has no furnishings and I'm still trying to decide how I'd like to use it.

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