Election 2012: Stoplight Trolls

This election year seems to be bringing out the foolio in the everyday woman and man. Lately, my Facebook feed is cluttered with posts from people who have suddenly become low-rent political pundits (inaccurate propaganda and non-factual information be damned) or who yodel while beating themselves on the chest, because they've relegated themselves to  the fringe (their version of the 'cool kids table') and somehow think their threats not to vote somehow make them more shrewdly informed than everyone else who's opted to do so.
 Politics will make some people's inner-jerk come roaring forth, after having been dormant for a spell... just waiting for the right opportunity to present itself in all its condescending and ignominious glory.
Election year 2012 is exposing some downright ugly and nasty behavior from unlikely perpetrators, and shattering the civility shared between acquaintances, lovers, and friends across social media platforms.

Apparently, drive-by insults are de rigueur in my home-state of Connecticut, as this one person recounted his glee at having harassed a Black woman at a stop light, because she had the unmitigated gall to have an Obama sticker displayed on the bumper of her car. Oh the horror!

And since peanuts probably weren’t at his disposal, yelling “OBAMA SUCKS MOOSE COCK!” before peeling off towards the dank, moist cave he probably crawls out form every day, just had to suffice. He just had to show that Black lady a lesson because, according to him, none of us Blacks have the wherewithal to exercise our right to show support for the candidate whose platform falls in line with our concerns, beyond something as surface as his race. No… we’re all a bunch of morons who vote for candidates based on the color of their skin. We couldn’t possibly care about pressing and noteworthy issues; we just loooves having us a Black prezident in the White House.

This man is one example amongst many, within that subset of people who love to spew propaganda from the D.W. Griffiths school of thought, about Black people's voting habits, and who go on tangents about the evils of the ‘liberal media’ and the lies that are supposedly being spread about them and their flagrantly obnoxious behavior. They’re just misunderstood; because of course they aren’t basing their disdain for the POTUS on the fact that he’s a person of color. Minorities are the only ones playing that deck of cards apparently, and so are ill-equipped to vote with any semblance of clarity or sense of awareness... according to them.

Anyway, the stoplight troll was just so pleased with himself. I’ll bet he guffawed and chuckled over his snide little quip, all the way home and I suspect he's only revving himself up for more harassing encounters. And unsurprisingly, his Facebook wall was rife with misogyny and jokes about committing acts of violence towards women... specifically prostitutes, which he seems to have an affinity for.

This current cult of personality is proving itself to be downright scary.

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