These and Those: Coffee Rhetoric Makes DIY Eye-makeup Remover

Sometimes when I get home from doing whatever... I get easily distracted. I immediately delve into the  the drama free (not really) lives of the Basketball Real Housewives of Anyplace I'd Rather Not Be, U.S.A. and then will start texting, browsing my Twitter timeline, or on Google+ (Facebook is slowly becoming a moot point to me, so I don't invest much time over there). Before you know it, my eyelids start getting heavy and I've only managed to change into my ratty, not-really pajamas clothes I sleep in. My mind tells me to get up and wash the makeup and day's elements from my face, but my body doesn't really register that command. I take a pre-sleep nap, telling myself I'll wash off my eye makeup and drag when I go to bed FOR REAL! Before you know it, it's morning... And I've woken up with my eyelashes clumped with day-old mascara and eyeliner smudged around my eyes. Wiping it off presents more of a challenge as there still tends to be residual eye makeup... even AFTER I've thoroughly cleansed my face.

Alas I've come across an easy and brilliant recipe via a YouTuber who goes by the name, SheSingsLovely, for a gentle eye makeup remover (that can also double as a toner for your face)...

In a plastic squeeze bottle (which can be purchased at any beauty supply store for about 99 cents), mix about 3 parts Witch Hazel (can be found at CVS or some other drugstore), and 2 parts olive, grapeseed, almond, or Jojoba oil. I used olive oil. Cap the bottle, shake the mixture, and use! It worked great and it's very gentle on the eyes... it didn't sting at all! My day old eye makeup came right off sans incident or residual leftover. And have I mentioned how absolutely EASY it is to make?


  1. Fantastic - FWIW jojoba will never ever ever go rancid like the other oils, it's the best!

  2. It really is a quick, easy, and cost effective eye makeup remover! Next time I will be trying it with jojoba oil! Good to know that the brand you just mentioned doesn't go rancid! I know Olive oil will, at some point.