Coffee Rhetoric, The Interview

Recently, I received an email from a Mike Thomas of Blog Interviewer. Apparently someone had "recommended" that he contact me with a few questions about my blog. A slight bit of research dictated that his site was, in fact, legitimate and he wasn't a spammer looking to inundate my inbox or comments section with foreign spam, riddled with indecipherable text. 
In any event, I answered a few questions to give a little insight into my head and why I care so much about this here blog. ... as if you all don't have enough insight into what makes me tick.
I've (not) come up in the world. If you like what you read, and dig "my petition" please feel free to vote on my blog, and give it a thumbs up! Thanks again to Blog Interview for finding my answers interesting enough to print and promote.

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  1. Thanks again for the interview. It was a pleasure reading it.