A recent foray back into the world of temp agencies has CONFIRMED the reasons why I haven't registered with one in so long. Bullshit, constant runaround, indecisive clients, lack of courtesy and consistency. Which is unfortunate, because I had such high hopes for this current one I registered with. I was sold. Needless to say, I'm back at square one... my resolve is still intact however, and this is all that matters.
I am so over job hunting, but do it out of necessity. Am pounding the pavement and doing everything short of working the stroll (which would probably be lucrative at this point). How do certain people with no discernible skills, education, personality, or professionalism manage to get hired and stay employed?? Oh, do tell! If only I were born a socialite... ah, whatever. I do enjoy having a strong work ethic, so nevermind. ... not saying having tons of money wouldn't make life damned easier while I navigate the trials and tribulations of job hunting.
Hopefully my one-on-one I booked with a job counselor will present results, insight, and leads!

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Dee said...

hope it's productive
I'd be stumped right about now