The Sads

How exciting! I got myself a summer cold. I'd gone THIS long without getting sick and now...
It all started with the notorious sinuses. I fought it hard with all that I had at my disposal... neti pot, tea, water, and massive amounts of Vicks (which I use for virtually EVERYTHING). I even walked from downtown to my hood in the sweltering hot last night (fifteen minute trek excluding stops at crosswalks and at the local market up the street from where I live)- hoping to sweat the poison out. Oh I sweated, my pores cleansed ... but this morning I woke up feeling like some sinister, demonic thing had taken up residence in my chest and throat. That demon also made me break out into an itchy rash/hives I'm struggling HARD not to scratch... oh alright, it's the summer heat causing the rash. Oh the fight isn't over. Having a cold is just as uncomfortable in 90+ degree weather, as it is in 30 degree winter weather.
Oh this fight isn't over yet. I shall slay this demon STAT. All I wanted to was to regain my chi.


Bonnie Blue said...

Take it easy girl...and feel better. You have to be careful. My dad has much for a summer cold. It can get vicious. Take care of yourself and get better.

Gina said...

(*tossing droplets of GENUINE Lourdes holy water your way* )"The power of Christ compels you "..I got waylaid by the summer sinus infection last week. I seriously need one of those nasal pots that uses saline water...Feel better that Coultrain is dangerous, I love it!

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