The Beat Plays On

Oya- Yoruban Goddess of wind, change, fortune, and chaos.
Life continues on in its current state... the force is playing Jedi mind tricks with my Psyche- Aphrodite be damned! ... for last week wasn't the best of weeks mentally or physically. But I triumphed with grace, kicked my sinus/respiratory issues along with the dubious heat? rash I developed (which I suspect stress, along with the oppressive weather, made me susceptible to)- and am carrying on, ducking, bobbing and weaving, because I. am. not. the. one. I know I may stumble again from time to time with every blow to the gut and frustration will grip me until I achieve results, but it won't maintain its hold. Optimism and fierce determination restored, I'm carrying on with carrying on. ... exploring options and hoping for the opportunity to thrive. Sometimes chaos manifests into a worthwhile outcome.
That is all.

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