Civic Duty

Much to my dismay a few days ago, upon checking by mailbox, I discovered a letter from the Jury Administration. Thirteen smug years of evading The System, The Man had finally tracked me down! I got summoned for Jury Duty!! And in a town waaaay out of my way no less! How infuriating. Why must I be forced to waste a day, possibly sitting around wondering if I'll have to serve on some random criminal case??? Why can't I simply live my life and pay my taxes in relative peace? Why can't I ignore a jury summons without having to worry about being dragged into court, kicking and screaming by a marshall to serve on a stupid jury with my peers?? Why does the government want sooo much from the common citizen???
I explored the options on the form... I could claim to be a resident of another country... Papua New Guinea perhaps? But I'd probably have to provide some sort of proof, that I am in fact a native of some other country. Not possible. In any event, I humbly checked off the "postpone" option. My hope is that they'll conveniently forget about me for another 13 years.

On a positive note, I have decided to support my friend and a truly just cause. I am going to get off of my lounging duff and walk in support of Connecticut's 2009 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, on June 6th. Good times! When my friend suggested we go tubing, I emphatically told her that I did NOT partake in activities of the like and am strictly a LAND creature... no hiking, no tubing, and various other activities of the like. Strictly asphalt, strictly URBAN. Well, considering walking is technically a LAND activity, and Hartford, CT's streets are predominantly made up of ashpalt, I figuredI couldn't turn down her suggestion that we participate. Plus it's for a worthy cause and it's a civic duty I've no problem with being summoned to do. This fundraiser provides women with free mammograms as well as breast health services and education. Women who wouldn't otherwise receive such exams. Soooo, I humbly ask any of my readers both local and beyond to help us raise money in support of our participation! It's tax deductible and will aide in providing outreach for communities who don't have the resources to obtain breast exams as well as national breast cancer research.

You can help us raise money here! Thanks so much to anybody who is able to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Word on the street is that we already got a $35.00 donation! Joy!
See, I'm not that much of a piece of trash and this surely beats sitting around in some courthouse somewhere.

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