I Wish EVERYDAY Was a Spa Day!

... Rhassoul. I love this stuff. Washing my hair is a 10-step process, always and forever because I want to make sure it's baby soft. I was exhausted, but didn't fall asleep with conditioner and a towel resting on my head. I mixed Rhassoul clay with cholesterol conditioner and applied. I left it on for 30 minutes so it'd harden a little... loves it. I followed up (as always) by saturating my natural hair with melted coconut oil. Then rinsed again. Love how soft it makes my hair feel. The fatigue was worth it!

I use Rhassoul on my face and body to suck out the toxins as well.

Detoxifying and exfoliating always makes me feel so much better! A mud that cleanses... imagine that. Something about bathing... scrubbing away layers of dead skin, and oiling up after the fact soothes my soul. It's almost like I'm sloughing away layers of stress and baggage, and reveling in brand new skin. It's akin to how a snake must feel after shedding its skin. I've always been intrigued by primitive, or exotic rather, beauty rituals... whether they be hammams, hair removal, moisturizing with scented oils, etc. Pampering the skin excites me. Yes... this is how I spend much of my free time... reveling in self-absorbency. Bathing, exfoliating, oiling, mosturzing, plucking, shaving, tweezing... etc. etc. etc. ...


BeautyinBaltimore said...

There is nothing like my Queen Helen's face clay or my Keils pineapple scrub. I love my beauty ritual too. Missed you while I was away.

Dee said...


need to spend some me time

Anonymous said...

1. In your experience, what's the ratio of single black women to single black men in your area (town)?

2. Do you like upstanding, slightly nerdy black men, or do you prefer forked-tongue players and "bling-mongers"?

3. Do you have any words of wisdom for someone like me that's been dragged through the mud by black women and basically "forced" into the arms of white/asian women?


TiffJ said...

@BeautyinB'more: Welcome Back Missy! I like Queen Helene's masks, but Rhassoul is intensely wonderful!

@GC: YES, you MUST!

@Chinedu: I'm goig to assume your questions are genuine, so I'll answer carefully- I don't know the ratio of single black women to single black men where I am. I try to focus on me and mine. I tend to gravitate toward men who are intelligent, respectful,funny, confident, openminded and employed with minimal amounts of baggage and who aren't bitter or have an axe to grind. Whatever package it comes in, I'm open. I do love Black men though.

I'm sorry your experiences with black women haven't been positive and that you've CHOSEN to seek refuge in the arms of white/asian women, but know that ignorance and fuckery can come in all colors and ethnicities, so be careful with how you generalize.

Trust me, Black men don't act right all of the time, but I haven't lost faith, and I have nothing but love and respect for you all. Don't let your personal experiences with specific Black women you've dated turn you into a bitter person. Be open, but not at the expense of Black women. We get battered enough.


Unknown said...

I need to go to a spa too, never done it before.