I am on vacation. This means no work until January 5th, official as of yesterday, December 24th, 2008. I plan on using this free time to do fuckall. I am not one of those people who feels guilty for not making good or productive use of her time. I think doing absolutely nothing takes special skill, and I am quite adept at it. Sleeping, eating, cracking open the bottles of wine given me as Xmas gifts. Sounds divine.
I will most certainly remember to chop it up on the blog perhaps next year or during the course of me doing nada. And don't ask me about New Year's resolutions, because I don't make any. The committee of Me, Myself, and I has decided that making them are useless, as waiting once a year to stop acting like a piece of trash or aspire to great heights should be an on-going goal that happens everyday of one's life.
Keep it productive, I know I'm not going to.
xoxo Coffey


Melissa said...

I'm only off today, but I am using it to revel in doing nada. Oh yeah.

Hope your holidays are lovely!

Jonne Austin said...

Girl, I hear that. I like the resolutions but I don't trip if they don't happen immediately, hell I still haven't quit smoking lol. The fact that you are a wine lover like myself is enough to have me link to you LOL :) Love the blog too though!

Brunhilda said...

Here's to doing nothing. I'm quite adept at that too. **cheers**