Busy B

Ugh. I've been busy. STILL trying to settle into my new crib! It's in disarray and we simply CAN'T have that. Hanging up pics have been a nightmare. The walls are made out of concrete apparently and I've bent several dozen picture hangers attempting to do so. Now it's time for plan B.
I cannot WAIT to get the internet up and running in ma maison. La maison de Coffey. AND I lost my phone this Saturday and cannot WAIT to get it replaced TOOT SUITE (did I spell that correctly??). The details of how I lost it shall remain murky, for now. In any event, I had it deactivated, especially since someone found it in a snap and decided to start immediately texting to someone in Mauritania! I'm back to my poor bachelorette ways (not that I had any affluent or well off ones to begin with) and do look forward to gorging myself on free Thanksgiving food.
I shall return, and will update as often as possible in the interim. Bises. P.S. Read this


Stephen G. said...

Worse case, I know what a pain it is hanging things on Concrete. Stop by a hardware store, and get a couple items.. A small masonry drill bit, a small electric drill, and Masonry plugs. The plugs, are those small plastic things you tap into the hole, then twist the screws into.. Then, screw the picture hooks into the plug.. When it's time to take the pictures down, loosen the screw to 1/2 way, pull the screw & plug out, and inject a little spackle into the hole. Never even know it was there. Also, nice thing, the small power drill won't drive the neighbors crazy with the hammering.

Melissa said...

P.S. Read this


Sorry about your phone. And the stupid concrete.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving woman!

Brunhilda said...

Read this was awesome. Thank you for sharing that. She writes beautifully.

I was going to suggest the drill, but I see someone beat me too it.

Velcro tape or double sided tape also works well if the item you are trying to hang is not super heavy. It is fairly easy to remove when it's time to leave as well. That's what I used during my concrete walled dorm days.

TiffJ said...

@gelfling6: Thanks for the suggestion! That seems like a lot of work (I'm lazy), but I am starting to enjoy going to Lowes. They have a lot of great stuff! I went there recently to purchase a new toilet seat and a couple of other items. So I shall try that. Thanks again!

@melissa: Hey you! I finally bought a replacement. Hates the concrete wall. My Thanksgiving was pretty good! It usually always is!

@Brunhilda: Yes, she writes really well, and is an interesting and smart woman to know. And so much fun, in addition to giving great (free) legal advice. lol.

I will also try the velcro and double sided tape!

Anonymous said...

tout de suite (not toot suite) &interesting blog!