I moved most of my things in this past Saturday. My body is sore (I'm not equipped for that type of manual labor, apparently)- made worse due to PMS related aches and pains. Some amazing people helped me at the eleventh hour, including a reliable close family friend. Also, thank goddess for wayward husbands, because this cool lady I've come to know- (who's also a lawyer and offered me some helpful tips and suggestions I may want to follow prior to settling in- including an offer to get my pad blessed by a friend of hers)- forced her significant other to pitch in as a way to pay for his dick dealing ways. Is it so difficult to stop engaging in vagina monologues, and stay faithful to your wives? I don't know if I buy the whole Monogamy is a myth, because we are driven my nature argument. Whether it holds some merit or not, I think we are all capable of exercising self-control and making rational decisions, especially if their wives are doing everything RIGHT, sans the nagging and bellyaching. ESPECIALLY since we are well past the pre-historic age. We are articulate, we walk upright, and we are cognitive. It becomes less about what's in our nature, and more about the CHOICES we decide to make, no?? Seems remaining faithful to one's wife (or husband) is an elusive code of conduct. If you're going to be a cheater, cut the "it's in my nature to cheat" doo-doo. But I digress.
Anyway, other than a few small odds and ends (shoes and clothes) I'm sorting through, I'm just about ready to settle in. Phase one is pretty much over. I've been making mental notes to help prepare me for Phase 2: Buying a lot of new shit- including a couch and a bedroom set. Oh bother. My head is throbbing just thinking about it. I'm sure I'll run into some relatively decent deals. I hope. In the meantime, I think it's safe for me to exhale. The worst is over.


  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Hey I am happy for you sorry that i could not be of any help.I would of did it with a snap hope is all well and your friend said HELLO goodluck happy you go what you wanted and been waiting for till then be happy.

  2. that whole monogamy is a myth excuse is an excuse
    if a person wants to be polyamorous, well, they need to man/woman up and just admit that that's what they are doing and it's their choice

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