School's in Session

How do I know? Because, despite the fact that I took an earlier bus to work, I still managed to be ten minutes late. Seems my bus got caught behind a stagnant school bus's flashing STOP sign, every other block! And once the children are settled and seated on the school bus, you know the driver has to fucking sit there for an additional five minutes, just to spite morning rush hour commuters, and to go "nah nah nah nah nah nah" over the fact that traffic HAS to stop when a school bus driver's STOP sign comes out.
I also noted the young hellions waiting at their respective stops. Faces greeeazed up and glistening. Scrubbed of this summer's funk and muck. School uniforms pressed new school bags slung over their shoulders as they waited to be picked up... reluctant yet hopeful looks on their faces. One kid looked downright distraught. As if he weren't quite ready yet. Needless to say, I do NOT miss those days. While some students' start date is this week, others begin the stresses of academia next week. I have been and will be avoiding the mall at all costs! Nothing worse than the school shopping rush! Wall-to-wall bodies taking up every inch of the mall. Parents sucking their teeth at indecisive and petulant tweens. Teenagers cutting their eyes at their mothers for not letting them purchase those $200 Citizens of Humanity jeans. I'd rather wait my turn.
As far as the Condo I Covet goes, progress has stalled. Par for the course unfortunately. See, the universe and the forces that be, seem to have it in for me. Contentment, PEACE never comes sans attached strings! I don't have it that easy. Some people are simply lucky bitches, others have to fight, beg, and plead for a little luck. For a tiny break. For some good karma. So in the meantime, I'm back to pounding the pavement (so I'll have a back up plan)- until I hear the good (or fucked up) word. My sanity is contingent on my settling into a place of my own again, and having some semblance of stability.


Brunhilda said...

Man waiting on people sucks! I'm currently awaiting preapproval on a mortgage for my dream home. I was supposed to have news Friday, and there is nothing yet. Sucks! I'll cross my fingers for you.

Dee said...

maybe you're gonna have to buy a house.
there's no board approval

Melissa said...

Sorry this keeps dragging out and I do hope you hear something (good) soon.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

just stay calm sister, and get one of my books, maybe that will help and happy 45th

TiffJ said...

@Brunhilda: I will definitely cross my fingers or you as well! I'm certain it'll turn out well, but like you said, waiting SUCKS. Especially when you're told you'll get an immediate answer.

@gc: I'm now ready for that type of responsibility. Not yet.

@Melissa: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

@Torrance: I'm too impatient to stay calm. lol. From one fledgling writer to another, hotness that you have books out. Also, you're linked on my blog, so you stop advertising your blog in my comment section. ;-) Peace.

Unknown said...

yeah, we could tell it was school time too, all the little teens who just got their drivers' licenses caused wrecks all over on monday & tuesday. annoying.