Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, may have an ally in one black billionaire, but seems to have left a bad taste in another's mouth, referring to Clinton supporter and BET founder Bob Johnson. I'm not the most political person. Politics is one of the topics I try to stay away from when conversing with people, because I'm easily irritated (and bored). In fact, I loathe many and most politicians, because I believe them to be self-serving and disingenuous (whether they be die hard liberals, progressives, dems, repubs, etc). While I wont give an in-depth opinion about this current race, I will say that Barack Obama seems genuine to me, and NO it's not because he's black (besides, he isn't the only black candidate to've run for president). The "girl power" in me admires Hillary's savvy and smarts, but I'll also opine that something about Hillary Clinton's approach and character irk the hell out of me. She seems slightly phony and dubious. This is definitely shaping up to be one of the most monumental and significant presidential races to date. Thoughts?


BeautyinBaltimore said...

I caught between the two. I will say that watching Barack on Tyra the other day, I felt pulled into the TV. This man has enough carcisma(sp) to fill a train.

I know someone who met Bill Clinton and the person said the same thing about him. She said it was like he was floating on air.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm definitely learning quite a bit about this race in order to make an informed decision and it's a helluva race! I think Obama would be an excellent leader, but I wish he'd beef up his plan for health insurance for all children. Hillary has already run the country in the past and I think "re-electing" her would be a solid decision because she's a straight-up politicker through and through! I don't think she's warm and fuzzy, but she knows her shit and would get the job DONE, ya heard?

I just hope one of them wins because I can tell you this...I much preferred Bill in the White House for 8 years than G.W.!!! Bill liked the poonanny where as Dubya is all about the oil moolah, baby. Someone needs to be about the damn American people for a little while, dammit!!! I want my tax dollars to go to something better than arms and shit.

- Cat

TiffJ said...

@Beauty: Tyra was asking Barack some bunk ass, crazy questions though. Definitely showed his human side and his sense of humor. He was a good sport.

@Cat: With all due respect, since when does being a former FIRST LADY merits one as having officially run the country? I hear you on wanting George W. Bush to be done and over with, but Hillary is no MORE qualified to be president than Barack is? Shit, no more qualified than GEORGE W. Ask anybody in the know, and they'll say that she has made very FEW changes (significant ones anyway) as junior senator of New York! She is merely piggybacking off of Bill's tumultuous last few year(s) as president and taking credit for all the positive things that transpired during the Clinton years. Bra-effing-va to her. But how is she MORE qualified than Barack?

Did Hillary attend pertinent White House meetings during Bill's terms as president? Did she make any significant decisions having to do with foreign policy and Security? Methinks not. She also didn't really assert herself on matters relating to the crises in Africa, Haiti, and beseiged countries of the like. She keeps talking about her EXPERIENCE. Bitch is no more EXPERIENCED than Barack. Just as Barack has suggested, Hillary is "CLAIMING Clinton's entire 8 years as president, as her own." I'm sure Bill asked her for her opinions on certain matters, and I'm sure she weighed in, but that doesn't make her an authority on how to run the U.S. Because simply put... SHE DIDN'T. Her husband and his administration did. Period. She's never even chaired a senate committee meeting. She's yet to specifically state the experiences that merit her as being MORE qualified than Barack is.

Hillary seems to want to take credit for Bill's presidency while absolving herself of all the negativity and controversy that came with it. I've never had any major issues with Hillary. But as this races runs on, the more her personality and true nature surfaces, the more I dislike her and don't want her running my country. I am not condemning Hillary's assertiveness, just her INEXPERIENCE as a likely president of the U.S. We're already recovering from one of those muck-ups. We don't need another one.

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave this comment already so if it appears twice, sorry. I was being facetious about Hillary having already run the country, however, I do think she had quite a bit of say during Bill's time in the White House.

It wasn't my intention to say that Hillary was more experienced than Obama in terms of running the country since I thought I was just saying she'd be a solid person to run the office and I was just being "cute".

I am more likely to vote for Obama that Mrs. Clinton, but I genuinely think that between Edwards, Clinton and Obama I'd be satisfied to call any of them President of the United States of America. No one can say that we've ever had a president (good or bad) that didn't waffle on any issues. Whether it was Clinton over gays in the military or Reagan on taxation it's always something where a leader effs up and says one thing and either doesn't fully commit or has to completely drop it and do the opposite of what they claimed. ALL of them do that. None of them doesn't and that's just reality.

GW is an awful president and I don't want to have another "genius" like him in office. I think it's time to have a different voice in the White House and I hope it's one that's less concerned with being a wealthy leader and more interested in what the needs of the American people are and how we can continue to thrive as a nation in the future. I want to have a nation that will look out for the needs that we have as well as think about what issues we should avoid in order to have a bright future.

I'm not trying to have a hardcore political back-and-forth because we talk about this stuff all the time, but I just wanted to be clear about the meaning of my previous post. Sometimes the fun gets sucked out of these things because it's text and no voice is attached to it.

- Cat

Anonymous said...

Serious, facetious, Hillary supporter, Hillary hater. It's YOUR opinion nevertheless and you're entitled to it, that's why I said, "with all due respect..." I just can't stand the hag. And I'm sick and tired of her talking about how "experienced" she is.

Anonymous said...

Great conversation here! I've enjoyed reading. As I too am sooooo not into talking about politics, it would be quite interesting to see how this election pans out. And as for my vote -- Barack all the way! Only because he is the 'better' man. Hillary's playin' games. And Bob Johnson's remarks... oh my! that's another story-to-tell...