Handkerchief Head Negro

Is it me, or do quite a few Civil Rights era Black male leaders resent Barack Obama's run for the White House? Where was the dismay when Condi and Colin joined the ranks of the Bush administration and contributed to the downfall of our international relations and this country's current state? 

Nonetheless, this pastor says young Black people don't have a right to vote or choose who our next POTUS should be because we're ignorant, have no substance, have amassed massive college debt, we're trying to "eat and date white," and we've corrupted society. 

First, he sounds like one of the biggest intraracial bigots and ignoramuses. Second, what the fuck does "eating white" mean? I'd love to hear him expound on that whole theory of eating white.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps my English isn't as good as I thought, but I have no earthly idea as to what the hell this idiot was talking about AT ALL!!! Why would a man whose father is from Kenya use a Nigerian name? I didn't get that...I don't get why I am not at liberty as a young Black woman to choose to vote for whomever I see fit, either. I am a citizen and those rights are owed to me thanks to the blood, sweat, tears and struggles of my ancestors so I can give a rat's ass as to what this genius is saying. Why is he condemning the only Black candidate in this race? If he doesn't want Obama then fine, but to use "girl" as a derogatory term for men that are supporting Obama is horrendous and a disservice to the Black community and to hear him be so negative for ridiculous reasons makes me sick to my stomach.

- Cat

Anonymous said...

Your right on point! I firmly believe this man is insane however, I do think the civil rights Negroes have a problem with Obama. Why, I don't know. I guess we had to be there... literally.

Unknown said...

gee, excuse me for being born in 1973 and not 1943. dag, my fault. I only live one life so i guess i messed up big time.

i am so ignorant to realize that you Mr. Manning , have been elected a leader in the black community. I missed that election, i guess i was so busy spending the money your church gave me to go to school.

i also never knew that if you had a bachelor's degree in psychology you can give diagnosis on someone you never had a chance to have a session with.

and what's up with "somewhere in Africa over there?" we can't have that. i am so sorry that our booty scratching cousins are trying to get elected.

i like that handkerchief head negro line. lol

TiffJ said...

@Cat: This dude is a mumbling idiot, and needs to go somewhere and sit down.

@buzz burns: Some Civil Rights "Negroes" are in fact, adamant about Obama not being voted into office, and riding the Clintons's jocks like they feel indebted to them... for... for what I don't know. But it's a crying shame. I definitely think there is some sort of resentment. I'm still trying to figure out where it comes from. In any event, like Saul Williams wrote in "said the shotgun to the head" ... 'The greatest leaders haven't been born yet. They're waiting patiently for the past to die. Please give blood..."

@Bro Omi: Dude is a handkerchief head negro, and his comments and comments like his are harmful to young Black people who are out there actually doing something productive and trying to make a difference.
Okey dokes like him get on my nerves, and need to pass the torch and start CONGRATULATING us for utilizing our voices to prompt change and make history!