This Is It...

I finally (and successfully) transported all of the essentials, and regretfully left certain other things behind (which is the worst part of moving because you want to take and keep everything you don't necessarily need anymore). Pay no attention to the beat looking mattress in the background. It served its purpose and I left it behind. Anyway, the whole process of packing up, moving, storing, starting fresh is a bit harrowing and exhausting. But one must do what one needs to do to move forward. I am anxious for what the near future holds, and will tackle every new challenge with fervor! While I don't relish having to move all of this ish onemogin, I'm hoping that the new dig I get will be bigger, more cost effective, and will prompt me to entertain more. While I wont miss dealing with my leasing company (my last year with them was somewhat tumultuous) and my high ass energy bill (I'm convinced I was also paying for the surrounding bars' and clubs' energy as well as my own), I will miss the drunken debauched seediness of my former 'hood, the convenience of living downtown, and the friendliness of many of my neighbors. I do anticipate moving as close to the downtown area as I can, however. I'm a constant fixture down there, so my presence will still be felt and known (to anyone local, who actually gives a damn about it). My muscles are sore, and while I don't know what I was built for, it sure as hell wasn't for heavy lifting of boxes and laborious tasks of the like. While much work and organizing still has to be done, I was finally able to decompress for a few hours today, and had some delicious Bubble Tea. While doing some serious thinking and planning.
I've decided not to bother entertaining any paramours or dates (not that there were any worth entertaining or caring about to begin with) - because I am completely focused on myself and my restructuring (I've also decided to commit myself to even more self absorbency and remaining aloof). Of course I will keep all interested parties abreast.
P.S. I attended a wonderful holiday party in the midst of all this madness, this past Saturday, and Anika Noni Rose's (Tony award winning Broadway actress and most recently from the film Dreamgirls)- daddy was there. He was very nice and not pretentious at all. The sole purpose of my relaying this story is to brag. That's it.


  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I'm glad that you're on your way to your next step. I hope that you'll still be able to treat yourself to simple pleasures such as coffee and bubble tea to keep you going in this "tweener" phase.

    ;) Cat

  2. glad to hear you're getting there, and making changes. I had been wondering how everything was going for you.

    moving hurts, doesn't it? I just did it a couple of months ago. my feet hurt so badly for a coulpe of days I thought I was going to collapse.

    and the christmas party? I would brag too, that's awesome!!