Take Some Xanax with a side of Patron

... And have a safe, productive, and joyous holiday, okay? Also, I'd stay the hell away from the mall on the 26th. Unless you aren't a neurotic, borderline (but not total) misanthrope like myself, and just like being in extremely congested spaces.
Anyway, have a good one and enjoy this scene from the flick Black Christmas.


Anonymous said...

That's what's up for sure! And I had the audacity to be out in that mess today. But I was in and out! ;)

Hope you had a good Holiday.

Chryssy said...

Make mine a DOUBLE please!! LOL

Hey Tiff...I hope you are feeling better and had a X-mas that rocked the house.

Luv ya girlfriend ♥

Anonymous said...

That clip was horrible! I MUST SEE THE WHOLE FILM! hahahahaha

Happy hollumdays...