Whine, whine, whine, whinge, whine. So I'm afflicted with a horrible sinus/head cold. I woke up with sore joints, my head felt too large and heavy for my voluptuous body, my sinuses were on fire, etc etc etc. I felt like I was in a horrible, dark haze of pain and suffering and couldn't claw my way from the depths of it. Finally I forced myself up and at 'em, whincing from the effort. I haven't been sick with a cold in a looong time. I love the babies, but I suspect being around them as often as I have been, has made me a host to their cold germs, unfortunately. I've been coughed, hacked, and sneezed upon. Unfortch toddlers and 8 month olds know fuckall about covering their mouths and lathering up with hand sanitizer. Having made it past the first hurdle: getting up and shuffling to the loo, I couldn't be bothered with coffee, so I made some vanilla-ginger-chai tea with a generous helping of honey and French brandy. Mango nectar, lots of water, and Airborne coupled with hot miso soup just wasn't cutting it... so after I wrapped up an excruciating job interview (excruciating, because my ass was sick and sniffling through the whole process, and I know my breath reeked of mentholated cough drops), I ambled on over to CVS Pharmacy to stock up on some major drugs. Intense sinus relief nasal gel by Zicam and some REAL sinus medication... the kind the drugstores hoard behind the counter, and you can only purchase with a valid picture ID, because it contains Pseudoephedrine HCI... and since it's used to make meth and is considered a narcotic. "At least your puff ball (piled and pinned on top of my head) is perfectly round" opines my younger sister. In addition to my horrible cold, I'm also a victim of pre-menstrual bloat, my bra feels ten sizes too small and is digging into my flesh, the dirty pillows are sore and swollen and I'm extremely gassy. Ah. The joys of being made a special lady once a month. So toss in some Maximum Strength Pamprin into that crazy pill stew and expect me to be extremely hopped up and lucid this fine evening and subsequent day. Oh yes, despite my possibly contaminating the staff's board room in which I was interviewed in, I was propositioned by the CEO, who made me a lucrative job offer. I sniffed and accepted. ;-)


Melissa said...

HELL YEAH! congratulations, that's wonderful news.

sorry you feel like complete garbage though. what timing. ;P

merry christmas, beautiful lady!

Anonymous said...


I'm glad to have found your place. I actually found you through MySpace. I know this post is a couple days old, but I have to say that TONIGHT I am feeling the exact same thing. I too get those head banging sinus headaches much too often. I know all too well about the OTC sinus drugs versus those behind the counter in lock down. :)

I hope you're feeling better. And as for as myself, I may try that tea you whipped up. That sounds really good.

Congrats on the new job!

Peace Sis,

TiffJ said...

@Melissa: Thanks so much for the congrats! I'm excited to work with what seems like a great group of people, doing wonderful things for the commnuity, and being PASSIONATE about it!

@Lady the Producher: Welcome! Oh, it's been a few days, but trust, this demon frolicking in my nose and head just wont let go!! I've tried everything!! I'm drinking hot Miso soup for breakfast right now. It feels acidic and horrible. Sinus/Head colds are the WORST. It's difficult to functions when the whole top half of your head is on fire and clogged up!

Unknown said...

seems like nothing can hold you down...