Rat Race

I can openly say (now) that I've been pounding the pavement for the past several months, job interviewing, hunting, fielding phone calls, mailing out resumes, receiving notices confirming receipt of my resume, wash, rinse and then repeat. Needless to say, the whole process is frustrating. It's the pits! Particularly when you're so close. Sooooo very close to being hired only to be told "Ohhh.... well you're too overqualified" or "We can't move forward with an offer for another two months. Sorry for putting you through SEVERAL INTERVIEWS AND PHONING EVERY LAST ONE OF REFERENCES, AND DOING THAT BACKGROUND CHECK ON YOU!! Please bear with us..." Notwithstanding the fact that you've answered all of their redundant (and sometimes condescending and ridiculous) questions, and have been more than accommodating in providing them with everything they need to move forward with an offer, including making yourself available at a moment's notice for another interview. I feel like a salesperson, going door to door selling your wares. One or two people invite you in. Let you sit down and go through your whole spiel. They nod. They ask several questions. They seem interested. They breathe in as if they're about to say, "I'm sold! I'll take two!" Only to change their minds and say, "Ohhh. I'm sorry. I'm not interested." Argh! Frustrating. Sometimes I wonder if those doing the interviewing, remember what it was like when they were practically groveling for their jobs... I need a drink.
The movie clip is from the film, Fear and Trembling, based on Amelie Nothomb's novel Stupeur et Tremblement.


Another Conflict Theorist said...


I'm with you. I've just started my job search in earnest and this shit is definitely for the birds. The only joy that I can find is when (it's happened twice now) I'm being interviewed and I KNOW that I don't want the job so I become aggressive and start asking all of the questions. At least then I'm in control of my own failure.

Melissa said...

dang, coffey, that blows. job hunting is the worst. I'll send good vibes out there for you.

TiffJ said...

@Another Conflict Theorist: Ohh, That's a great tactic! I need to use that. There have been moments recently, where it's a struggle for me not to frown during the stupid questions and sense of superiority some of these people harbor during interviews. I do like your strategy however. Surefire way to wrap up a lame interview!

@melissa: Thanks hon! I need all the good vibes I can get!