Full Speed Ahead on the Ignoramus Express

This is why race matters continue to fester. And why I become a little more bitter (with a dash of militancy thrown in for good measure) and a little less hopeful. Racism and bigotry in varying degrees continue to percolate, because many members of the majority refuse to acknowledge or accept the fact that people with dark skin, are not intellectually inferior. And have the capacity to excel and be successful. People like this piece of shit are archaic (but unwelcome) artifacts, that need to be buried for good with the rest of the fossils. UGH! Maddening!


Melissa said...

wow. it's so hard to comprehend how an educated man, such as he is, can say such ignorant things. just mind-boggling.

Anonymous said...

Frightening that a person that is so smart is so emotionally and intellectually vacant that he felt comfortable and confident enough to say that bullshit to begin with!!!

- Cat

TiffJ said...

@Melissa: Seemingly hard to comprehend, but some of the most educated people are the biggest, most xenophobic ignoramuses. It's not hard for those of us who are at the tail-end of the constant bigotry and abuse to comprehend. It's par for the course, unfortch.

@Cat: His superiority and self-entitlement over people of color is what makes him feel "comfortable and confident" enough to say asinine bullshit such as that.

Amadeo said...

I marked a passage in IT by Stephen King. The only black character is recallin a conversation with a white boy and it summed up alot of the racism that people try to deny.

The boys claim was that nigger couldn't be a bad word cause when his father used it, it was complimentary.

A man that excels at his trade, "works like a nigger"

A boxer who won't go down "has a head as hard as a nigger"

This and the fact that his father was a christian like the black boys father meant that nigger had to be a good word.

The character described himself as feeling a little angry, but mostly sad and alone.

Unknown said...

dude looks like he smokes crack

or maybe heroin?