It's The End of the World As We Know It

I'm puzzled. A whole town is virtually wiped out by a deadly tornado, people have lost their homes, personal belongings, keep sakes, loved ones, and various other momentos, and the news is saturated with visuals of Paris Hilton and her family whining to the paparrazzi about why she should be absolved from her due punishment? What has this cult of personality come to? This worthless piece of racist, overhyped trash (yup, I went there) needs to disappear. What better way is there to perform this welcome magic trick, than locking her up and throwing away the key? I think the punishment definitely fits the crime.
"I told the truth yesterday. I feel that I was treated unfairly. It's both cruel and unwarranted."
pouted Paris, as she strutted her lanky frame down the streets of L.A during a shopping spree with her mother, taking a moment to address the camera hounds, clicking away and recording her pre-jail outing. (Methinks she's addicted). How, is she being treated unfairly? I mean, she was pulled over for drinking and driving afterall, she violated the terms of her parole twice, driving under a suspended license. The average Joe and Josephine would, undoubtedly, have to suffer the same consequence... if not worse. She also went on to feign ignorance regarding the fact that her license was suspended, saying she didn't know, because she didn't read the statement she signed, which outlined that by signing, that she understood that her license was temporarily inoperative. To add insult to our intelligence, she went on to blame her publicist for her current demise, because he failed to tell her that her license was suspended. Pardon moi while I remind this twat and her mother, that she is a 26 year-old, ADULT woman! Why should her spokeswhore(s) accept responsibility for the fact that she simply can't be bothered with following, grasping, and understanding that she broke the law and that one is NOT supposed to drive and operate a vehicle under a suspended license, that she's actually REQUIRED to perform the community service, and attend the designated class as part of her punishment, for driving recklessly??- (She didn't follow any of the terms of her probation by the way). This culture of celebrity is overwhelmingly sickening, untalented, drug addled, and self entitled. When is it okay to drive drunk, spew hateful language, spit on people, not pay your tab, snort coke, and then puff on a large spliff in public? Privilege and wealth does not exempt one from having to follow the law, particularly when other, unsuspecting lives are at risk. I don't usually go on angry anti-celebrity rants, and could give two baby squirts about Paris, but in the wake of what has happened in Kansas and in light of other important, pertinent things unfolding in world events, I think bitch should serve her time, use it to reflect & become a better person, and shut her gob up, particularly when you consider that this is someone who theorized in an upcoming issue of Harper's Bazaar, that the police only pull her over to hit on her (guess she's just that desirable). The media needn't waste another second on her or
her family's bellyaching, about how they think Paris has been wronged... not unless they're reporting on her actually turning herself in to authorities to serve her time on June 5th, and taking responsibility for being careless on the roads and being an overall menace and annoyance to society. I think people the world over have had enough of her and those of her ilk, as this seems to be the straw that has broken the camel's back, where she is concerned. Hey, Martha served her time with grace, survived, and came away from it with a funky fresh poncho and some street cred.


Anonymous said...

That skanky bone needs to do some time and suck it up! I don't think Gov. Ahhhhhnold is gonna try to get mixed up in her mess so hopefully she'll serve her 45 days and learn a damn lesson!

- Cat

Anonymous said...

I have a way to satisfy everyone, including Paris and her mommy & daddy.

Since tornadoes are usually followed by other tornadoes, why not just tell Paris that there is some hot club opening or some fashion shoot (or whatever the hell it is she does when not endangering the lives of others) in that area? The planet is rid of her smirking, spoiled face AND she won't have to suffer through several weeks of wearing prison uniforms. Win-Win situation if you ask me.

Amadeo said...

I hope she gets violated by a big woman named Bertha.

Chryssy said...

Can you believe she was out driving AGAIN yesterday and pics are everywhere? That appeals judge oughta TRIPLE her sentence.

I hope she lands in the slammer with Chunky K, the maid that was on "The Riches" Monday night.


matt williams said...

Well said.

Brunhilda said...

I loved the thoughts on Martha at the end. That has been what I've been thinking regarding the whole situation.

I hope she gets raped, shanked, and disfigured.