To the yellow cab driver who dropped me off Friday...

...I appreciate the fact that you gave me your business card several months ago, when I first rode in your rickety cab. I've used it a couple of other times since then. It's useful to know that I can call a reliable cab driver to pick me up, when I'm bogged down with groceries and the bus just isn't an option. Yellow cab drivers can be an irritating, rude, or downright crazy lot, so knowing I have a semi-reliable driver to call on is comforting. You're nice. It was kind of you to help me unload and then carry my groceries to my door, about two months prior. You engage me in interesting, taxi-cab confessional type repartee, as I smile politely in the backseat... feigning interest. I nod at the right moments... inserting, "wows" or "that's insane" to show I'm somewhat interested in what you're saying. It makes the ride go by quicker. While I do appreciate you coming at my beck and call, your suggestion that I add you to my cell-phone directory fell on deaf ears. I found it somewhat bothersome that you would have moxy enough to tell me to do so. This past Friday night, however, really took the cake. You got me home, safe and sound. I live in the midst of party-central, so I was excited when you found a parking spot, right in front of the door to my building. It made transporting my groceries from your trunk to my door, easier. I didn't have to cross the street. Anyway, thank you so much for helping me unload my edible cargo. Now that I have the niceties out of the way, I'd like to ask you to never, ever yell out the following as I'm walking to my door: "It was nice seeing you again coffey0072! I was so happy when I saw your number show up on my cell phone. Call me sometime! You know... to talk!" This, my cab-driving friend, prompted the smokers huddled outside the overhang of B. Cafe and Bar to turn around, befuddled as they looked from me to you, and back at me again. The confusion on their faces apparent, because they couldn't seem to make the connection. Your loud request got lost in translation. Not to mention it was an odd thing for a cab driver to yell out to his passenger. Me? I shrugged my right shoulder in response, a quick jerk translating into, "whatever, man." I opted not to spew the smart retort lingering on the tip of my tongue. I'd hate to not be able to call you, if I'm stumbling out of a bar or am stranded somewhere. Reliable cabbies are few and far between, as I stated before. But sir, you will get called, when I need a damn ride.
Sincerely, Coffey0072.


  1. Damn cabbies do that! I may seem ignorant as they only really ever ignored me.

  2. Wow. You're an excellent writer. I'll be back! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. first, if i was a cab driver and drove someone like for example my wife, I WOULD LOVE TO BUILD WITH HER ON THE PERSONAL TIP...

    second, cabbies are folks too. i agree some are annoying and some are offish, but still.

    third, obviously, he felt you from day one.

  4. Gee Brother Omi,
    I supposed if the cab driver looked and acted like you, I wouldn't mind "building" with him. But, my friend, he is an unkempt, portly, white male who breathes somewhat heavily. I'm not shallow, but I am sure you understand why I shudder somewhat, now. He reminds me of the Lord of The Ring director, Peter Jackson.
    He is a regular person, yes, but not one I'm interested in getting to know intimately.

  5. lol
    you ain't point that out
    i feel you now... since you told me.

    and thanks for the compliment.

  6. Anonymous4:49 PM

    hahahahahahahaha the blog is hot as always! how did i know this story would end up here? i had quite an interesting experience with a turkish driver that i will have to tell you about very soon. istanbul has been quite the experience...the cabbies are nowhere near as hot as the one you described though!!! hahahahahaah


  7. hahaha.yeah. i get your point coffeey. you know what the problem is? any guy, just because he has a weenie, seems to have a (sometimes desperate but still) strange version of confidence (even though they might not have self esteem) that makes him think that if he just tries hard enough the woman will take him...because...because...ahm, uhm, because we NEED this weenie, so DESPERATELY, do we.
    well, that being said, i understand OBI's first point though too, because hell yeah, of course he is a regular person, and of course he has to try. but it is such a drag. it is so sad that guys take it wrong so often. and those we want to have seem never to understand. this world is crazy...