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May 23, 2011

Exotic Fragrance Redux!

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the smellnificent, creamy soft wonders of Exotic Fragrance perfume oils and shea butter... a Hartford-based company owned by Zaahir Qawi. I've corresponded with him several times since then and spoke to him on the phone, only to find a pleasant and driven business man working hard to hustle- (to much fanfare as illustrated by the initial email I received, that made me privy to his business)- my favorite type of products to use! Since that time I've discovered that Zaahir is in the process of checking out rental spaces in the area, so as to have a store front for us Hartford folk to frequent for high-grade perfume oils, incense, oil burners and natural products for skin and hair.
In the interim and to appease all you fine readers who inquired about Zaahir's products and for those who are just plain ol' interested, he was generous enough to offer a Coffee Rhetoric discount... Order from Exotic Fragrance and save 10% off your order! Are you stoked?? I am! I like Amber Cream, Egyptian Swirl, and Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur (much to my surprise) myself and I've gotten a lot of compliments from wanted and unwanted admirers, but I digress. I use raw shea butter by the tubs and he just got batches of fresh raw shea in- (Shea butter is magical. Trust)- after having been sold out. The Coffee Rhetoric discount is from him to you. Get on it! 
--> Exotic Fragrance Coffee Rhetoric Discount
That is all. 

January 04, 2010

New Year and What not

I rang in twenty-ten on a low-key tide. With a great friend and her family. Full of rum punch, sparkling wine, some other mixed stuff and mirth. I'm not one for making resolutions, as I think it ridiculous to wait ONCE A YEAR to resolve to improve upon the quality of life and relationships. However, I am coasting into this new start, with stronger resolve. The bolts in the steel rod, that make up my spine, have been tightened. I'm ever more alert... and focused on bringing personal projects to fruition... for real.
I've been spilling open since 2004, and intend to do so until the juice has finally been sucked dry through the straw (slurping noise and all). I want to continue to share my insights, dating woes, and other dirty laundry... in addition to promoting, promoting, promoting... when I deem it *necessary*. Necessary is if I'm inspired to do so, or something has prompted me to chorus.
What has me singing this new year? The influx of Black women choosing to be their natural selves. This includes wearing their hair the way it materialized and grew, shortly after developing in and then exiting their mother's fallopian tubes. Chris Rock's documentary, "Good Hair" has thrown open the gates... offering some insight into a topic that has plagued Black women for years... the dynamics of our hair... its texture... its styles... and how others interpret it. I stopped chemically processing my hair a little more than 10 years ago... and I've never turned back---
I am always on the prowl for new, wonderful, fatty/rich products that help my hair look its best...
Amongst those items? A 4 oz container of rich, homemade loveliness by Alexandra Smith of Safi Natural Hair Care. The fact that naturally proud women with entrepreneurial spirits, are going to great lengths to keep Black hair looking its best, with products made with only the best, organic ingredients and care, makes wearing kinky/curly/afro textured hair, so much fun.
Safi Natural Hair Care's Avocado Shea Butter is rich in texture, it smells lovely--reminiscent of unrefined cocoa butter, sensuously rich French cooking butter, and chocolate. I'm excited about it, because having just used it, it made my hair feel great. I would never use this forum to recommend something, unless I was truly impressed with it. So goes this blog post... to promote healthy, natural, curly/afro textured hair. I will holler from the confines of my apartment about anything that promotes people being their true selves and if it involves someone trying to grind and hustle something independent of mass media or celebrity endorsements ... Despite being basement level... despite my storm windows being down and closed. I shall holler and suggest...

April 26, 2009

Sunday Afternoon...

... Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings playing in my ear and washing the gunk out of my hair. Can't get enough of those Spa Days.