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November 02, 2008

These and Those

Schtuff continues to keep me extremely busy (I am at the tail end of having coordinated a list of successful activities to help raise money for the United Way Campaign), and I'm still breaking in my new abode. I'm also excited and a bit anxious about voting Tuesday. I've been having these huge-mini panic attacks, fearing that when I arrive at my designated polling station, something stupid is going to hinder me from being able to cast my vote! This is a historical election year, and I intend to exercise my right to vote!
On an interesting and unexpected note, last night I did something I hadn't done in years! I read (a poem) at a gathering. Folks, fellow artistes stood up and took the floor so to speak, and I got inspired (perhaps by the red wine and strawberry dacquiri I drank)- and decided to project my voice. It had been a while since I shared in that capacity, but it felt cathartic. Nerve wracking at first, but good nonetheless. I'm not really a performer, and usually share my chose art form through print. Spirited games of Taboo and Scategories (trash talking included) soon followed. Here're some of the other things I've been up to...
P.S. to my BFF Cat: Congrats to running a half marathon for Breast Cancer Awareness in San Francisco recently. I was only joking when I said you probably 'ran like a slave.' Election day is upon us, figured I'd clean this up to help ring in a new and hopefully monumental moment on a POSITIVE note.

March 24, 2007

It's a Jungle Out There!

Inclement weather prevented it from taking place, but today's mild weather allowed the postponed St. Patrick's Day parade to take place downtown, today. As I left for work at 9AM this morning, the bars seemed to be in full swing. Pratt street was slated to be blocked off for a grand celebration complete with plenty of libations to imbibe in and food. I saw a few party people, decked out in their best greenery, gearing up for the afternoon. I sighed, for I knew what the aftermath would be, after I got off of work late afternoon. People did NOT disappoint. Spit, paper, popped balloons, red plastic cups, ciggie butts, and the like, littered the city streets. I walked past several people... stumbling down the street, blank stares in their eyes, discombobulated, grunting and mumbling incoherently, and unable to get their faculties to work properly. I felt like the sole survivor in a zombie flick. I kept a safe distance between them and me. As I took in the remnants of the parade. I got a few lascivious stares but I refused to make eye contact, for fear of getting a limb ripped off and my heart violently extricated from my chest and devoured. Almost home, I passed two young women, green beads glistening in the late afternoon sun, green top hats, whooooooooooooooo-ing their way down the street, calling strangers "SEXY MOTHERFUCKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS!!!! LOOK AT THAT SEXY MOTHERFUCKER! HE LOOKS HOT!!" I sidestepped a frat dude, drunkenly shuffling down the street... arms swinging limply by his sides, lip busted and bloody. The scene looked amusingly apocalyptic and strange. Every so often, I'd hear the siren of a police car blaring down the street, and then see the lights blinking frantically in the distance. Now it's raining. Acid rain? That would be a fitting conclusion for a drunken and debauched night, that's far from being over! Luckily I'm tucked away, safe, within the confines of my apartment... with my Red Zinfandel.

January 17, 2007

Party People part Deux: Pre-New Years Festivities...

All of these pictures are courtesy of Cat and her new digital camera, because I forgot to bring mine- (so if they're tight and small, blame her)- They document our pre-New Years Eve celebration with friends and new found lovelies we met at The Russell, while helping send off a colleague and friend of ours, who accepted a job at another museum.This was hours before I had to lay the pimp slaps down on Cat with my leather gloved hand... both cheeks, thank you very much. Looong story! Anyway, this is one of my favorite places to go. The people, the decor, the food, and the staff are so personable, easy on the eyes, and genuine. If you happen upon this blog, and see your picture exploited, please don't fret. You look great!
A colleague of mine (who's a striking red-head and a pleasure to socialize with, might I add) and Coffey. Enjoying some delectable carrot cake. This slice was so huge, FOUR of us were able to share it!
A colleague of mine, the beautiful bartendress, a lovely young lady we chatted with @ The Russell, Cat, and Coffey.
A sophisticate, a hottie (who thought I was a lesbo, because I said the sophisticate was a MILF, until I told him how much I adored men), and the sophisticate's lovely daughter. These people were so personable. We struck up an interesting conversation with them all!
One colleague, another former colleague of mine (who'll be sorely missed), Cat, and Coffey. Note to Cat: I need that pashmina in my life! Think about it!
The table in my apartment, just because. The wine and cheese are actually candles!
More of the cool wine and cheese candles, from another angle.

December 18, 2006

Party People

Sobriety (cough-cough): Told in no particular order, because I don't recall the sequence of things.
Cat and I; For once I'm not wearing black. But I am here...
... and here, but I'm being edged out of the photo by Cat's selfishness, Dreamgirls style!
... But I am triumphant in this shot... sort of, well... one of my eyes is.
And in this one... despite the bad case of Wonkey Eye...
...and Wonkey Breasts (looks as if I'm carrying a triple F cup, what the hell kind of bra am I wearing!)... and at least I'm not in the middle, because that would've been sooo cliche... but the woman in the middle got her hot ensemble fitted for her in France.
But alas, I fall prey to the cliche, and find myself wedged in the middle.
This here, being modeled by Cat, is a magick drink that holds mystical properties!
... made of rare ingredients, taken from a shelf just like this, and mixed by a mystic, or witch doctor, if you will...
Cat's being selfish again! But the pretty woman on the right triumphs, Effie style!
Not a black sweater, I think it's the same sweater in the first chapter. Was that the same day?? Was the first installment P.M.? Is this A.M.? I dunno.
This is what sober looks like.