Coffee Rhetoric: Election 2012
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October 08, 2012

Election 2012: Stoplight Trolls

This election year seems to be bringing out the foolio in the everyday woman and man. Lately, my Facebook feed is cluttered with posts from people who have suddenly become low-rent political pundits (inaccurate propaganda and non-factual information be damned) or who yodel while beating themselves on the chest, because they've relegated themselves to  the fringe (their version of the 'cool kids table') and somehow think their threats not to vote somehow make them more shrewdly informed than everyone else who's opted to do so.
 Politics will make some people's inner-jerk come roaring forth, after having been dormant for a spell... just waiting for the right opportunity to present itself in all its condescending and ignominious glory.
Election year 2012 is exposing some downright ugly and nasty behavior from unlikely perpetrators, and shattering the civility shared between acquaintances, lovers, and friends across social media platforms.