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January 22, 2014

Lions, and Tigers, and Racist Chairs? Oh My!

Crossposted at Intersection of Madness & Reality.

I made a deal with myself, that I’d vet my battles a bit more thoroughly and not get worked up about the continued racial micro-aggressions and misogynoir©Moya Bailey that seems to grace my social media timelines at every turn, as of late, for my own peace of mind. Trying to bob and weave around the proverbial blows of isms, becomes exasperating; so I offer my thoughts as often or as little as I feel like it, or not at all... at least not publicly... or will reserve them for personal conversations among the safety of friends, supporters, and family.

A new year is upon us, but the upward ratchet of anti-black foolery and sexism and the anonymity the internet provides for many, continues to thrive. To be clear, social media isn't to blame for racism or for ‘making people racist’; technology has merely made it easier to illuminate and expedite the dark side of people’s thoughts.  The curtain has been yanked open, exposing regular folks, celebrities, leaders, and media entities that should know better but who choose not to do better; which is why I no longer assign ‘ignorance’ as an excuse to absolve anti-blackness and racially charged sexism, because I believe that kind of sociopathy to be deliberate and intentional; for instance …