Coffee Rhetoric: "Not I", Said The Fly: I Don't Create Online Petitions

December 07, 2012

"Not I", Said The Fly: I Don't Create Online Petitions

This will be brief...

Dear Armond White,

I know that being an incendiary contrarian of sorts is your thing, but I wasn't the person at the helm of circulating the petition opposing the upcoming film starring actress Zoe Saldana. I did express some valid thoughts on what I found problematic about the casting and mentioned some things about Colorism and the marginalization of a specific segment of Black women, as often perpetrated by the film industry and media. Dismissing a very relevant issue amongst women and young girls in my community as a case of jealousy and "crabs-in-the-barrel" mentality is a bit myopic, non? Particularly since in the same breath, you offered a critique suggesting that Tyler Perry's films simply aren't "good enough".

Anyway, a quick Google search- (and perhaps a thorough perusal of the post I wrote in August for context)- would've provided the name of the woman who actually created and circulated the petition for that upcoming movie. I did link it in my post to provide a source but once again, I didn't start or circulate any petitions demanding the dismissal of Black actresses from film projects.

In the grand scheme of things it's a minor flub, but it's very important to me since it was called-out on a very public platform.


Tiff J, Coffee Rhetoric

Check out episode 126 of BET late-night talk show, Don't Sleep, to see what provoked this open-letter.