January 23, 2015

'Light Girls' - The Good, The Bad, & The Cringeworthy

Curious, but skeptical, I decided to turn to the OWN network on Monday night and watch the premiere of Bill Duke’s second documentary on colorism Light Girls, a follow up to Dark Girls—which explored the marginalization and ridicule darker complexioned Black women face. 
Light Girls continued the ongoing discussion about intraracial discrimination and presented personal anecdotes from more than 200 people on the opposite (most preferred) end of the complexion panorama; interviews with lighter- skinned Black and biracial (half-Black) women, including TV journalist Soledad O’Brien, actress Raven-SymonĂ©, glamour model Amber Rose, and “image activist” Michaela Angela Davis, among others.

January 08, 2015

#LessClassicallyBeautiful: Viola Davis Sticks it to New York Times & Mass Media

Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
This past September, New York Times writer Alessandra Stanley wrote a passive-aggressive feature on actress Viola Davis and her role in the titillating new series favorite, How to Get Away With Murder. Stanley not only ascribed the ‘Angry Black Woman’ trope to Davis’s character Annalise Keating (and acclaimed TV producer and screenwriter Shonda Rhimes) in the opening paragraph, but she also suggested that the actress inhabited an unlikely position as a leading a woman on Primetime TV, because she isn't as “classically beautiful” as actresses like Halle Berry (who is biracial) and Kerry Washington (whose aesthetic, style and stature are considered 'safe' enough to placate, and even inspire, mainstream TV and film viewers).

January 05, 2015

New Year, Same Ole Me

I was out of town for a much-needed break, debauchery, booze and fun, and didn't access any of my social media accounts that much, so Happy Belated New Year! Here’s my annual statement for the New Year.

Per usual, I don't make resolutions. Somehow, waiting once a year to resolve to accomplish some goal or undertake some risky, death-defying stunt, like jumping from an airplane in-tandem with an attractive instructor, seems like a surefire way to continue not accomplishing things. Do it whenever; not just when New Year’s Eve rolls around for the sake of having something to declare.

I won't make any grand statements or profess to have realized any life-altering epiphanies that came just in time for 2015.  

November 10, 2014

Comedy Fail: Artie Lange, Rape & Misogynoir as Cheap Humor

Here we are again...

As the world turns, it continues to be open season on black women’s person-hood and the racially charged or sexist invective comes from all directions, to the tune of crickets, save for the droves of other black women (and a smattering of allies) denouncing the abuse. This time the offender is another shitty male comic who opted for the lazy use of shock humor in the form of rape, slavery and racio-misogyny, for cheap guffaws and fist bumps.