New Year, Same Ole Me

I was out of town for a much-needed break, debauchery, booze and fun, and didn't access any of my social media accounts that much, so Happy Belated New Year! Here’s my annual statement for the New Year.

Per usual, I don't make resolutions. Somehow, waiting once a year to resolve to accomplish some goal or undertake some risky, death-defying stunt, like jumping from an airplane in-tandem with an attractive instructor, seems like a surefire way to continue not accomplishing things. Do it whenever; not just when New Year’s Eve rolls around for the sake of having something to declare.

I won't make any grand statements or profess to have realized any life-altering epiphanies that came just in time for 2015.  
If you know me personally, you know that I've (willfully) been off the dating market for a while and am currently not looking to cultivate any more romantic relationships at this time. That decision will remain in 2015. Men and dating just aren't priorities right now and haven’t been for some time, unless it’s a billionaire a dynamic situation that really piques my interest enough to engage and get back in the game.

No kids … Infinity.

I'll also keep reinforcing and sustaining ...

... Good mental wellness, safety, and working towards improving my overall quality of life; even amid social animus and having to navigate a climate that often doesn't value my opinions and humanity as a woman and as a Black person.  

Speaking of which, I'll also continue to endorse any and all things that elevate the lifestyle, lives, visibility and safety of Black women, girls, and transwomen, because we matter too. And I will emphatically continue to not qualify my statements with "ALL..." to placate egos that're already pedastaled and tears.

Excising the toxicity of others is always a given, no matter what year it is. I don’t, nor have I ever, aspired to embrace “haters as motivators”. It’s a silly concept and I just don’t have the time or desire to entertain those who wish me ill. Go away. You’re not wanted. I’d rather surround myself with a genuine support system. 

Being steadfast about entertaining lucrative opportunities and continuing to eschew purveyors of "exposure" will remain a priority, because if my intellectual labor and time doesn't sustain my livelihood or make me money, it just doesn't... make any sense. Expose that. 

Continuing to watch compelling cinema and also
 re-commit myself to, what was once, a voracious love of reading. Due to time constraints and laziness general fatigue, I haven’t cracked open an actual book (save for the times I've re-read old faves) in a while and, for me, that’s shameful. 

And the one wish I will put out into the ether is my desire for more international travel. I haven't been abroad in a minute and it's long overdue. This wanderlust is killing me.

Anyway, here's hoping that everyone else has a good ride this year. 

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