2013: A Bit of Perspective

So, here I am ... on the doorstep of another new year. I've been mulling over some of the things that have unfolding this outgoing year, and wanted to offer a bit of a summary, if you will, of where I am. I won't go into a long diatribe about having had some awe-inspiring epiphany, because that'd be a gross exaggeration and me being disingenuous, because I haven't.

This outgoing year has been a bit trying, nonetheless, I've no regrets, because I was vigilant and present enough to deal with people, places, and things head-on without nagging feelings of being intimidated by confrontation, the fear of losing relationships or falling out of favor with folks, and without compromising who I am.

2013 came with even more evolution, nervous breakthroughs, and revelatory moments. I always welcome experiences that come with clarity and closure, as excruciating as they can be at times.

Genuinely, it's been great building and cultivating worthwhile connections with myriads of interesting personalities in my real life and across social media platforms. Other folks I've grown apart from or have had a row with, for whatever inconsequential or distressing reason (also in real life & virtually), I'm truly glad to be rid of you. Those who support me and my endeavors, and who've never derided me for my imperfections or human right to fumble, remain and are much appreciated. 
In short, 2014 will be business as usual for me, with room for newer opportunities and experiences. At this juncture, I wouldn't change anything about myself, so won't make the clich├ęd battle cry of "New Year, new me”— frankly because I loathe that adage and, more importantly, because I like who I've become and have flailed,  kicked, screamed, and yelled feverishly to be recognized & respected for it. I've earned my battle scars and the right to exist as is; it's freeing, to no longer feel compelled to explain why I matter and have the right to exist, as is.  I have no resolutions, other than to remain resolute.
As for my vices, they stay; they aren't harmful to me or anybody else. 

Here's to hoping that the new year brings more introspective moments, more creative opportunities, great conversations, more wine consumption, copious cups of coffee, travel, and more clarity.

I appreciate those of you who visit this virtual space I've carved out for myself. I've been plugging away since 2004, and can't believe I'm still here. Trust me; I've had moments where I've wanted to close up shop.

Anyway, stay safe, be kind to yourself, stand firm in your truth, recognize who your supporters are, fight with passion, fuck bitches, get money and be fruitful.

Keep reading, commenting, and sharing.

-- Tiff

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