Defining African-American Cinema: Reelblack TV Talks to Filmmaker Geoffrey Fletcher

Reelblack TV caught up screenwriter and filmmaker, Geoffrey Fletcher at the Montclair Film Festival, and talked to him about defining black film. 

Fletcher, a Connecticut native who penned and won an Oscar for the "Precious" screenplay in 2010 -- and is reportedly the only black filmmaker to win an Academy Award for writing -- makes his feature directorial debut with the movie, "Violet & Daisy"; which stars Alexis Bledel, Saoirse Ronan, and James Gandolfini (of The Sopranos fame). 

Geoffrey Fletcher weighs-in on whether or not black film is a monolithic medium, what it was like writing the screenplay for “Precious” as well as the feedback he got from viewers, and whether he feels any sense of obligation to create narratives that are solely based on the black experience and themes.  

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