Coffee Rhetoric's 20 Most Read Posts of 2012

Just like that, a new year will be upon us in mere hours and save for some massive bumps and bruises, we got here relatively unscathed, not having to endure a zombie apocalypse. 2012 has been a year replete with a lot of interesting news-bites, dumb-dumb social gaffes from politicians, some notable highs, and extremely tragic lows. It's also been an interesting year for Coffee Rhetoric. I've had the opportunity to participate in some interesting discussions, serve on a couple of panels and offer insight on being a writer, blogger, and navigator of social media, as well as seeing this humble blog introduced to a wider breadth of readers via mainstream media, many of who I've been able to engage with on here, via Twitter, and on Facebook.

We may not have always agreed on the things I've written about on here and many of the ideas I've expressed over the course of this year may not have resonated with many people and that's okay; that I, in some way, helped encourage some line of discourse is what's been most important to me, and I hope to continue doing that on the myriad of topics. Here are the top 20 blog posts (some of which have been cross-posted elsewhere), in no particular order, that people had the most opinions about or read in droves. Read them and continue to express feedback if you haven't yet and feel free to re-visit the content and offer additional commentary if you have. 

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