Post-Racial America: The Mis-Education of Mainstream Youth...

The featured video is what happens when parents (and so-called responsible adults) fail to educate their children properly and mainstream media perpetuate tired racial tropes and stereotypes...
This is yet another inarticulate and very public rant courtesy of the sad and misinformed; this time in the form of two young high school aged women from Gainsville, Florida; who-- coincidentally enough-- opine that Black people "can't fucking talk right", yet can't discern between the words "intelligible" and "eligible".
Needless to say, these two unintelligible young women aren't eligible representatives of what evolved young minds are supposed to be. And while one of these quacking ducks has enthusiastically pointed out what a very "nice white neighborhood" she lives in, her rant is one of the reasons why platforms like the Un-fair Campaign have cropped up and are needed.

Racism, hate-speech, and class-discrimination -- (some of which comes from Conservative Republican pundits and political hopefuls) -- seem to be at an all time high (especially in the wake of the current political debates). This is why I refuse to subscribe to the post-racial, color-blind propaganda people like to trot out, whenever the issues of race and xenophobia come up.

White privilege and supremacy is still very much alive and kicking. The idea that there's a post-racial society is a farce concocted and heavily pushed by its proponents, because they want to be able to spread hate freely, marginalize people of color and falsely appropriate marginalization as an issue that solely affects them, and teach their ignorance to young people, without having to be held accountable for their actions. I'm curious to know what type of conversations these girls have with their respective families at home and how their parents will set about dealing with their daughters' racist YouTube rant and the subsequent fall-out. On a completely unrelated note, I hate World Star Hip Hop and everything that site represents... That's all.

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Anonymous said...

I hope these girls got a beat down at their school, and well, everywhere they went afterward! And from their parents too. Wow.

Anonymous said...


Love it!


Prospector said...


I am so tired of hearing these ignorant racist white folks and their attitudes and platitudes.
Why are you even giving them play?

You are absolutely correct, we don't live in a post racial America and we might never do so but that doesn't mean we have to try to reform ignorant white folks in order to get where we need to be.

I think we're better off telling our own story and making our own plans for ourselves. There is so much to do and so little time that the likes of this girl should be getting none of our time.

TiffJ said...

@Prospector, I'm not looking to reform as much as I'm looking to INFORM and call attention to the fact that the terms "Post-racial" and "Color Blind" are crocks of sh*t. They got play because I like to know and see who my detractors are.
I definitely am not looking to reform racists, because in my opinion it's a fruitless effort and not my responsibility. It always somehow, becomes *our* responsibility to school the ignorant which enables them to cop out from doing the work themselves, in my opinion.

I agree that we need to tell our own stories and stop relying on other folks to get a clue and do it for us, the proper way, once and for all. That won't ever happen. I'm sick of racism and all this "post-racial" talk myself.

Thanks for commenting!