Hartford Politicking

ATTENTION HARTFORD RESIDENTS: I'm currently collaborating on a story about this year's voting process in Hartford, in response to the current campaigning and to perhaps gauge current voting trends in the Hartbeat. I'm wondering if you could PLEASE answer a few questions for me in the comments section or on the Coffee Rhetoric Facebook fan page.  I would greatly appreciate it and PLEASE be candid with your answers. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard! I would love to be able to feature some of your answers in my article. You'll be helping me out a lot! Thanks in advance! 

  • Are you currently registered to vote? Why/Why not? 
  • How do you feel about politics? And did you vote in the recent primary? Why/Why not? 
  • Two candidates ran for Mayor of Hartford. Did you vote for either? Why/Why not?
  • No Democratic women were endorsed for city council. Thoughts? 

Photo by Merle Davis


Jane M-P said...

1. Yes, cause voting is your voice. You can't bitch about stuff if you don't give your say.
2. ambivalent. I think some things about it are great, inspiring, and some are depressing, frustrating and corrupt. I did vote in the primary. See #1.
3. I really like Pedro and think he's great for the city so I want to see him stay in office. Plus I think Vargas is super smarmy. ick.
4. Wish I knew more about the candidates, frankly. Ideally women would be well represented but I can't speak to this particular instance as I don't know if the women were great candidates. I pick my candidates based on their politics first, so if they are female but still suck that's not good enough. Still, I'm glad for the controversy cause it brings an important topic to light.

Luis Cotto said...

1) Definitely! Like my mom says, "¡Si no votas, no te quejes!" (If you don't vote, don't complain!

2) My feelings on politics have really changed these past 4 years. I see the awesome potential that local government has in completing the compact with the residents. But I also have seen how our people of color in power have resorted to the politics of old to keep them and their peeps in power. A big part of that is a dependency on voter apathy. I did not vote in primaries because I am a registered member of the Working Families Party.

3) No...please see above.

4) I think that a party that represents a majority of the city should have a selection process that will end up with a more representative slate.

TiffJ said...

Thank you two BOTH for taking the time to answer... In never wrote the article (unfortunately) to fruition (I made an executive decision)... because I didn't receive enough feedback/interest... particularly not in time for the elections. Also Luis Cotto, congrats to you and the Working Families party for your win!