Dream Chasers Unite

Dream chasing... a stirring, albeit it daunting, idea to conquer. There are very few of us who actually enjoy going to work everyday in an environment conducive to what we dream of doing. So many of us mull over endeavors we feel we can't accomplish or shadow box against obstacles when we hit the ground running tackling our goals... myself included. It's not uncommon to reach an impasse and not know how else to proceed or how to even begin... Enter Abdul-Rahmaan I. Muhammad (who often performs spoken-word poetry under the moniker, MIRA w/ his partner-in-poetry, Mind Evolution). 
Muhammad... a self-professed Dream Motivator, is on a mission to spread his Dream Chasers Movement, determined to empower people and encourage them toward their goals. Muhammad himself fulfilled quite a bit on his list of accomplishments; including skydiving, mountain climbing, and trekking around Africa and China, among other things. His list is growing and while he continues to check off his to-do list with gusto, he's also determined to prompt the masses to conquer their dreams via motivational speaking and an actual Dream Chasers kit, which I was lucky enough to get my hands on the other day! The kit contains brainstorming essentials to help impel anyone forward... It includes a t-shirt with the Never Stop Dreaming logo (to help remind Dream Chasers that they're in it to win), a workbook (a comprehensive tool that encourages readers to brainstorm, journal thoughts or ideas, and to chart their progress), and a CD: Dream Chasing Volume 1 (a rousing, 17-track motivational CD, chock-full of helpful suggestions to keep folks on the path towards success). The kit is $19.99 and is well worth it! 
In addition to being a motivational speaker and heading the Dream Chaser Movement, Abdul-Rahmaan Muhammad is also the Executive Director of My People Clinical Services (founded in 2005) which is emphatic with its message: "To enable My People to help Your People so that Our people will Succeed." Doesn't get anymore driven than that. I'm not a person who listens to or even subscribes to self-help books or motivational CD's, but I definitely enjoyed listening to all 17-tracks on Volume 1 of  the Dream Chasing CD.  None of it is cliched. Having had several opportunities  to build with Abdul and see him perform as MIRA, I'd say he's definitely well-equipped to be at the helm of this movement and I encourage anyone to hop aboard his Never Stop Dreaming bandwagon, because in this current climate we're struggling to navigate, it's easy for people to become discouraged in the wake of rampant unemployment, questionable leadership, travail, and financial uncertainty... These times call for some much needed motivating. 
Visit Never Stop Dreaming's Official Website for more information on the Dream Chasers Movement, T-shirts, CD's, and workbooks.
Watch Abdul on the Stan Simpson show!


Sinque Lover said...

I have been so inspired by the Never Stop Dreaming movement. Please enter me in the giveaway. nvhselect@gmail.com

TiffJ said...

You got it!